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Ohio river, need imfo please

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by catfisherbrad, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. I have been 3 times to the ohio river through last week and this week. Caught a few medium channels ranging 5-8 lbs. Friend caught a small flathead. We were fishing off the boat ramp across from 9 mile. I think its shaddy park or something? We have had a lot of hang ups like always but im starting to like the river more than paylakes that i have been going to due to not having boat, age and time. ITs a lot more peaceful and there are some monsters in there. ANy tips from those cat masters out there that know wat area im talking about. Off of beechomont - 125. By hooters.

    Also if any one is willing to tell me about some other decent spots on the river located close to there that would be very nice!! Well thanks for any input, brad
  2. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Sounds like you're fishing off St. Rt 52 or Kellogg Ave, St Rt 125/Hooters is a few miles away from the river, althought I might be mistaken.

    I see quite a few guys fishing that stretch of river so it must be fairly good. What are you guys using for bait?

  3. B4 I had my boat I fished from the bank. We always did well where Asbury rd. meets SR 52 east. We park on the shoulder and jump the guardrail. There is some good cover along that stretch. Gravel bar a little down river and big riprap. Use to be trails down from the road to the river. Don't know if they are still there.
  4. I fish that spot often.(not exactly off the boat dock because the ranger ran me off of there at night. said no fishing at night. so i follow the little creek out to the river. big bank area.) Get some decent channels. 2 years ago my ex brother in law caught a 42lb flatty:B .
  5. yeah that used to be call shaddy lane,fished alot as a kid.there was a 60lb flat caught there about 10 years ago right at the mouth of the creek when the water was up.:Basbury was always a good spot too there is a sunken barge in that area if you can find it u will catch fish