Ohio river last nite

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    LakeRaider EEEEEK!

    Went down to the North Bend boat club last nite and fished the river at North Bend. (Cleves area.) Caught some skip jacks and cut them up for bait.
    Wind dead out of the east. Fished from 7 pm to 10:30 pm. The cannels cats were hitting the cut bait. Caught 5, missed about 5 more. Had to let them run a bit. All 5 were about 5-6 lbs. Not bad for just sitting on a dock enjoying the evening. Wind dead out of the East. On the way home the deer were everywhere eating browse on the side of the road. And two ran out in front of the truck. Just missd them. There were lots of deer in the front yards of houses on my street just standing around. This is the second time I,ve seen this in 3 years. And I,m talking about 3-4 deer in every 3 yards. They were everywhere. My choco lab was going nuts. About a half moon.
    what a great nite!!!! Raider:)
  2. Congarts on a good night of kick back catching;) Good thing u did not hit any of those deer!@