Ohio River / Karma

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  1. The patterns of the day where lil deceivers, clousers, and hardware kastmaters chrome 5/8 oz. The quarry well at least for me was anything that did not have a keyboard attached to it. The morning fog was amazing, and the air temp was perfect. People where pounding the Whipers all day just about. We caught some really nice saugers, and smaller white bass. We saw a father and son team hook into several nice whipers. We did run into one disturbing soul today, and if your reading this Sir you give all fellow fly fishers bad names! My friends whom where fishing with me one is a published fly fishing author, and the other is an accomplished photographer. I’m just the village idiot! This gentleman proceeded to get and nice hello, and how was the fishing from our lil group. He told us how he was tired of fishing due to all the fish he caught “which is fine to tell us that (I some times say the exact same thing)”. Then he proceeded to look at the rods that where propped on a field made bench, and noticed there where spinning rods sitting there. This gentleman was carrying a fly rod “just an FYI”. What he did not notice was 3 fly rods sitting there. One fly rod was circa 1950’s bamboo with a reel from that era, and two other fly rods strung up with streamers! He proceeded to tell us “O-spinning gear, well that is just like snagging I don’t fish that way”. My friend I hope you don’t teach that attitude your preaching, and if your reading this you know exactly what I’m referring too! Well everyone take care, and wade safe. The water levels on the Big O where the same, and had some color to her today.

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    I'm willing to bet this "gentleman" was a newbie-poser who was trying desperately to impress you guys. Clearly one of those bad apples who gives the whole bushel a bad impression.
    All in all, sounds like you had fun though.