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  1. I just moved to Ohio (Gallipolis) from Tennessee, where I lived for a year or so. I'm only about 10 miles from the Byrd dam, I've heard that the Hybrids hang out in the tailrace especially in the spring. I was just learning to catch Stripers / Hybrids from my boat in the TN reservoirs and now I'm interested in Hybrids on the Ohio, from my boat if possible. Any info. you could share would be really appreciated, like best time of year, tackle etc. Thanks.
  2. the little i know i tell u about. when i used to fish the racine lock we used storm wild eye shad body baits in the five inch size. fished from shore at night in november right next to the discharge pipes. as soon as it hit the water reeled nice and steady. the fish would hit next to the shore. all i know. hope that helps a little. good luck!

  3. I am also in Gallipolis (lifer). I live about the same distance from Byrd on Raccoon Road. Where do you live? I can tell you some about it but I am no expert. Actually planning on getting into Stripers more this year.
  4. First off, welcome to the site. I'm sure you'll find it useful and informative. You may want to let us know how it's done where you used to fish and we can go from there. I'm sure it's pretty close all over, but you're gonna have a blast fishing for them on the BIG O!! I don't get the chance to fish much from a boat but I do most of my fishing at the 4 tailwaters close to me. We went to Gallipolis a few times last summer and you're in for a treat. If the Hybrids and Stripes are anything down ther like they are up here, they'll hit practically anything at any given time.Anything from live (or dead) Shad to Pencil Poppers, Flukes to twisters,spinners to crankbaits. Enjoy yourself!!
  5. Thanks for the welcome and info. I live right off Jackson Pike in Gallipolis. In Tenn. I fished mostly Cherokeee reservoir. Mostly cast netted gizzard shad and straight lined them when the fish were deep or used planer boards when they weren't. If they were hitting the surface, used plugs like X-raps or zara spooks. I always used light tackle & 10 lb test. Average Hybrids were about 8 lb. The stripers ran bigger, biggest I actually caught was about 12 lb. The reservoir channels were 50-100 feet deep and Cherokee is 58 miles long. Made it really hard to locate fish. Besides, I was just learning when I moved.
    I hope to spend at least 10 years trying to figure them out here. Thanks again.
  6. Hey, Welcome to OGF and the Wiper thread!
    I'm not a lake striper expert, what you've learned there will translate to some extent to the Ohio River, you just won't be doing a lot of planer board pulling on the OR.
    Or, maybe you will, you may know something we don't!
    As for the dam, DaveO76 is someone I really respect as to his fishing knowledge.
    I surf cast Meldahl, and meet Dave at Greenup from time to time, he catches fish and I watch! ;)
    Be prepared to cast far distances, depending on the lay out of your dam. You may find it profitable to purchase a decent surf casting rod/reel combo, if you have to cast more than a couple hundred feet to get to the seams and eddies that are holding fish in the tail water. Tail water is the key on the OR for most of your wiper fishing. If you own a boat, you'll find wipers in the main channel and tributary mouths during different seasons, usually spring and fall.
    If there is a turbine tailwater, that is REAL good water for fish too.
    I looked the satellite image over, couldn't tell much except Byrd has an island between the locks and the actual dam, and there might be a turbine?
    Hope it goes well, God Bless and Merry Christmas!
  7. Thanks again for the welcome. I don't think planerboards would be much fun below the dam, definately wouldn't be boring though. Do people catch bait (shad) with cast nets on the river, I mean where the current is slow? Can't imagine tossing one in the tailwaters unless I wanted to follow it in.
  8. Here's a look at the platform at Gallipolis (Eureka). You don't have a Hydro. You have your platform right at the waters edge and most of the fishing is at the first 2 gates. Cast nets will work on down below the platform or a dip net.We've always had a great time fishing there and the folks are really nice. When the time is right , the top water bite can be really awesome. The fish can be so close , it's unbelievable. Don't let ol Jeff fool you. He knows just as much as anyone else and would help you all he can. As would most others at this site. If you do decide to fish at a dam with a Hydr , the Racine dam is about 30 or so miles on up the river. Just translate most of your lake knowledge to the river and you should be fine. Just sit back and watch and learn. You'll have no problem. Tight lines!!

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  9. Let's leave RIGHT NOW! That's good looking water, what time of year was that?
  10. :D Guees what Jeff??? Last APRIL Nuff Said??????:D
  11. Where can I view the satellite image? That would be interesting.
  12. Yeah, it was the end of April or early May. Me and a friend usually go there 4or 5 times a year. The water was up just a little .