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Hi all, just wanted to share our fun week end adventure with you all.

My husband and I took my 17 yr old son (his step son) on a camping/fishing trip. It was great bonding time. We started off late friday evening ( as we just moved Thursday and part of friday). We arrived at Leith Run campgrounds about 9:55pm.

Let me just start out by telling you how I get a kick out of playing jokes on my new husband. Things like throwing a stick to the lower leg area (pitch black out) and yelling snake. Never knew he could jump that high. LOL. My son thought it was so good I got 3 high 5's for it.

Well about 11:30pm my husband needs to go to the bathroom. He asks I walk to the shower room with him. Now mind you it is very dark out. He goes inthe bathroom. I think to myself how perfect an opportunioty this is to "get him". So I listen intently and I hear him blow his nose, cough and fart. LOL! SO I assumed if he was farting that he must be in there alone b/c he'd never do that if others were in the bathroom, right? There I am 4 ft 11 1/2 inches tall, quietly waiting in the dark, around the corner from the door. The door opens and out walks someone (I assumed it was my husband) so I leap out arms and legs flailing as I yell "Booglee Wooglee!!" guess what...it was some strange man. He stood about 6 ft 2 inches tall. I was sooo embarrased. I apologized as I gigled and asked if I had scared him too bad. Then explained I thought he was my husband. He laughed and said he was ok and that my husband was in their blowing his nose. then the guy leaned on a trash can, and said "You got me good!" He then walked back into the bathroom to catch his breath. Good thing he had a sense of humor. he could have pounded me! we all laughed and went to bed. It was a riot! I mean how would you feel if you were minding your own business, getting a shower, and all of a sudden a 4 ft midget crazy woman jumps out of the darkness yelling booglee wooglee. LOL!

ok so after that we fished the ohio river. not one single bite! so we went to norbend state park and swam then on the way home we camped at Wayne national forest lamping homestead. caught a blue gill each that was it. the fishing was terrible.

anyone else have some good camping stories they'd like to share?
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