Ohio River Conditions 9/3/2008

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by UFM82, Sep 3, 2008.

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    Was just near the Ohio today and was looking at the water closely. Very clear right now with a nice "green" look to it. Don't know temps but it has to be warm now with the sun we've been getting. Current was nearly non-existent. By my rough calculations, I'm figuring about .33 mph. It takes 40 seconds or so for a piece of debris to move 5 feet. That bodes poorly for concentrating fish but after the last two outings, I think it helps the fishing on the flats at dusk as fish move in search of food. Anybody tend to agree? I've not caught much on drops and the like but have had success on open flats near shore.

    I'll be out Friday night around downtown most likely so if you're out and see me, wave.

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    Been getting them mainly drifting on featureless flats in about 30 foot of water, no current the bait and fish are spread everywhere, two weeks ago Lynn and I boated fish of 28,25,23,21 all blues with a few little guys in the mix, I don't care to drift but it is an exciting way to get good fish in the boat, just make sure your rod holders are stout as they put the rods in the water to about the 4th or 5th eyelet of the rod, everything we have been catching is coming off frozen Skipjacks Buddy of mine at work knocked the socks off them drifting a month ago he had 15 fish over 40 pounds send me a pm and I'll give you the location.................Doc

  3. went out on 8/31 at tanners and hunted around that general area for an hour or so with nothing to show for my effort.checked a couple areas that have usually been good to me but couldnt find anything exciting.tried drifting as that pays off for me more than anchoring, but no current and no wind made that fruitless.i had a new fishing buddy with me and after all the tall tales and big fish stories he informed me that i had better produce.the pressure was on so i opted to make a run for my favorite honey pot.i didnt really want to run that far as i figured i would end up fogged in,but what the heck my rep is on the line.hit the jackpot at my spot,caught just about every kind of fish in the river that night.drums and channels ate 4 dozen crawlers-flats and channels polished off halfdozen goldfish-a few blues hit the secret bait.caught a big sauger or a small walleye not for sure which on a crawler.two hybrids on cut strips of shad.nothing of really anysize but the action was steady most of the night.everthing came out of 30-40ft. fish quit hitting at about 4am, so i called it a night since my rep was safe and headed home.never got fogged in as it stayed muggy all night.