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Well Salmonid and myself hit the river this morning. River was up and cranking. 7 feet higher than normal and tons and tons of crap floating down the river. Water was nice and chocolate and pretty much overcast for the time we fished. Sun came out when we were pulling out around noon today.

Bait was easy to get, the shad were everywhere busting around and it only took a few throws, we even got 2 small skipjack in the net.

We fished all new water today, stuff that we had never fished before, just motored around and fished something if we thought it looked good.

Bite was pretty slow. Mark started the day off with a 5 pound channel in some heavy current at the 1st spot we fished. Got a few more bumps there and that was it. Moved to the next spot, again a few bumps and tugs but they were just not staying on it.

At the third spot my rod just started to go down, no bump or anything, just started pulling down. Picked it up and fought the lil guy to the boat, which was pretty fun with the current ripping through. He ended up being 12 pounds on the boga grip.

Fished some more spots and just more bumps. Finally at one of the last spots we fished I caught about a 2-3 pound channel and that was it.

So not a terrible day, but not what we have been doing. It was nice to work new spots though and catch some fish.

Hopefully going to head back out on Tuesday and try and find some bigger fish.
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