Ohio River / Cincinnati Area July 24th report

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by kyfisherman, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. Started about 4 pm and trolled some silver hot n tots for about 20 minutes near Mill Creek and caught 3 hybrids around 12-15 inches. Tried to throw white twister tails in the same area for them but there were no takers.

    Went back into Mill Creek and easily caught abut 50 Gizzard Shad in about 4 throws of the net.

    Fished infront of some drums across from Ludlow and didnt even have a bite. I switched to another spot on the Ohio side west of Mill Creek and didnt have a bite for the first hour or so. Around 8 PM, things picked up and i was having light taps about ever 5 minutes for the next hour or so. I missed a ton of bites but landed about 10 catfish: two small flatheads around a LB, 3-4 channels around 2 lbs and a couple blues weighing around 6-7 lbs. Biggest fish was a flathead that came on a piece of cut gizzard shad and that weighed 17 LBS. My 15 yr old step son caught that one and enjoyed every bit of it. A few of these fish were caught on live shad, but most were on the cut shad. All fish caught in about 18-25 ft of water around 8-9 pm.

    Packed up at 9 pm but the fishin probably was just ready to heat up. I had to go!
  2. Nice report! Sounds like you had a great evening.