Ohio River @ Cinci 6/22

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  1. Put in @ Schmidt ramp around 6:30. River was at 26.6 Ft with clarity of about 8" (judged using 1/2 oz silver rattle trap). Current was moderate (slight boil behind the engine when anchored) and there was very little drift.

    Caught bait then headed to my first spot. Decided to fish for wipers with lures before switching over to cattin. Caught a couple of 2-3 lbs wipers on the rattle trap around the gravel bars at the mouths of small creeks. Fished for the wipers till about 8 then settled down to cattin. Fished depths of 20 to 45 feet around cover and on hard rock bottom. Using live shad, cut shad and cut skip jack. Lots of Peck,peck,peck bites but nothing to show for it till around 11:30 when something took off with a live shad. Ended up with a 5 lb channel cat. That kept me out for another 1/2 hr. then threw in the towel. Fished from Downtown to Riverbend. A few other fisherman on the river and was getting reports of similar action on the cats from them.
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    a 5' channel has to be some sort of record.

  3. 5' would be 5 lb would not :)
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    Still sounds like a good day :)