Ohio River @ Cinci 6/2

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  1. Put in @ Schmidt around 6:30 pm, headed down river into town to fish back up to the ramp. Caught bait in the Licking river, Shad pretty thick on the east "Newport" side. Using cut shad, cut skipjack and live shad. River temp was 71 degrees and level was @ 27.7 feet, visibility about 5" and heavy current, really swirling behind the boat. The drift was VERY heavy, tons of debris floating down stream, mostly woody stuff really a pain in the butt. Fished a couple of spots, depths of 30 to 20 feet without a hit and lines constantly being snagged by the floating stuff. Then had a about a 14' log hang in the anchor rope just before 9 pm. That was the final straw, pulled up and headed in, really didn't want to deal with all that stuff in the dark when the fish weren't biting.

    If you go out now be very careful, especially after dark, there is alot of big stuff floating and it is hard to see.
  2. Thanks for the report, Ill be headed out that same way later this week. Hopefully Ill catch the water with a little less crap in the film.


  3. Iput in at the public landing and notice the swift current . I had not expected to that much current at all. I headed up river that is when the drift caught my attention. I fish the 1st spot no bites so worked back down river on the KY. side. Tried to spot some shad in the Licking but did not see any on the surface. Stopped at the Covington Landing area. Once again no bites. Headed fot the pier onf the railroad bridge in Covington. Lost my front anchor there, tried my back anchor the current was too strong. Pulled up and headed to the Ohio side ,no luck with the current there. Headed back up to the over look above the big Mac bridge` there is an eddy curren there. I was able to hold my boat in that spot. But the drift kept getting bigger and more of it. I just gave up , headed home at 12 noon sharp.

    With all this rain the Ohio will be too high to fishfor at least a week. The only good news is I was told some skipjacks are showing up at the mouth of the Licking River on the Covington side. That before all this rain showed up.
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    Fishman Catch bait???

    They dropped ont he bottom out of the Meldhal pool Saturday afternoon, stands the reason there was that current :\