Ohio River @ Cinci 5/1

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  1. Put in at Schmidt and went to get bait. As easy as shad were to find the last time I was out, this time it was work. After 2 hours of throwing the net I had a meager stash but with the frozen skippie I had along it was enough. I picked up a friend and his 13 yo son at Schmidt and we headed for the downtown area. These two had never fished the river before so I figured they'd get a kick out of the lights etc. First two spots were a bust, not so much as a tap. At the third spot a barge tug with one barge in tow was manauvering around to dock right in the area I wanted to fish :mad: so headed up river away from town. Hit a spot that usually works for me and right off started getting hits. Fish would slam the bait, run, then drop. This became the pattern for the next hour. They were hitting the cut shad,skipjack and live shad but nothing would hold on. Finally had a decent run on live shad, got a good hookup, and handed the rod to the boy. Fish gave a good fight and in a couple of minutes netted a 5lb shovelhead. Things shut down after that so we called it a night.


    River Stage: 26.6 ft
    Current: virtually none, it is like fishing in a lake
    Visibility: about 8"
    Surfact temp: 82 degrees
    Bait: cut shad, live shad, cut skipjack
    Fishing in 23 fow, with a drop to 28' in an area with heavy bottom structure.
  2. I know what youre talking about run and go . Shad are darn near impossible to find right now, its no better at tanners either. Mill creek is a hit or miss. even the gmr is dead

  3. I found a few at the mouth of LMR and Licking river. The ones I caught were BIG but just very, very few. I did notice a huge cloud of what I'm assuming were shad on my depth finder when I was coming in to the ramp at Schmidt around midnight, think the lights attracted them. If I'd thought about it I'd thrown a net just to see for sure.
  4. I didn't even try for bait Saturday after watching guys with bigger nets than mine strike out. Maybe with scattered bait and no current spotlighting could be an effective method. We caught 1 nice WB trolling a shad rap.