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  1. Got out for carp for the first time this year. Hit a spot below Pike Island for a few hours. I didn't have anything prepared so I made a little bit of ground bait and picked up 3 cans of corn. Current was a little sronger than I liked, had to use 1.5 oz. sinker to hold. First hour I didn't get much action but constant chumming drew them in. Last 2 hours I had pretty good action landing 12 carp. Biggest was a little over 16 lbs. smallest was right around 6 lbs. Had them jumping all around me but had to go because I ran out of corn. Got a bucket of corn brewing out back right now. All fish were caught on plain sweet corn, all my flavored corn went bad over the winter. Should be back out on Thursday if the rain doesnt blow the river up.

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    Glad to hear you are getting out carping.