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    Just wondering if anyone has ever hunted deer at Ohio Power? I have an opportunity to go there this weekend, just wondering how it is. Sounds huge, any ideas on how many people go there? From what i have read it sounds awesome, just wondered if anyone has first hand experience
  2. I dont know if your talking about the ohio power land thats next to the wilds, I have hunted it the past several years and just to crazy the 1st day of gun, gave it up this year and hunted home turf, it was so bad that if you didnt head out to your stand at 5 am, all you did was run into flashlights from guys already on stand,than end up somewhere you didnt want to be at, at daylight.... insantity is what I call it.

  3. It is huge and alot of people go there. I hunt down there during archery season only. I have gone down for muzzleloading season and its not too bad then. Are you going down with a person that knows the area and has hunted there before? I don't know if I would go down sight unseen and attempt to hunt. Pm me and I will give you a place we hunted for a few days in early November if you don't have a place in mind already. I hope you don't mind walking a bit and a deer cart would come in handy. Thanks for serving.
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    My grandpas farm shares one property line with Ohio Power and there were surprisingly few hunters over there this past Monday. Generally we go check out the numbers of trucks along the road (mostly Zion Ridge) at lunch and see what people got that morning, but I'd say there were less than half the normal number of trucks there this year. Also, we didn't have any trespassers so we knew that not many people were over there haha.

    I figure that the article in Ohio Game and Fish about Geurnsey Co. being such a good gun-hunting county (specifically Egypt and Salt Fork areas) drew all the once-a-year guys over there. I hate to think about how crazy it must have been in those areas.
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    figured it would be packed... hardly anyone. saw 5 other hunters in the woods and we hunted the 3 ridges on west side of 284 by campground C... thick cover... jumped 8 when walking... but no shots.
  6. Hunted a piece of land between 146 and 313 near the Wilds Mon and Tues. Didnt see another hunter in the woods but passed many going in and out on the haul roads. Seen a ton of deer but no nice bucks.
  7. Hunted the Ohio Power land a few years back with a friend who always went down every year...A lot of hunters showed up the first two days..We went down on a Wed...& Thurs...Not that many hunting and not that many deer moving...I always hunted Pa. the first week of deer season took off and came home to go to Ohio Power...I fill all the hunters in the woods had them spooky and they started bedding up during the day...Pa. was the same way after the first two days they had to be pushed to move...These deer get smart quick...It is a very big area and they can become scarce ...GOOD LUCK...c.l.
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  8. the zion ridge area is where I have been going the past several years,have seen some nice bucks head across the road into the wilds,this is the 1st year I havnt hunted that area the 1st few days, last year was the worse down there,with all the hunters, not to mention all the dead deer we ran across from blue tougue during preseason scouting.I never saw a deer the 1st day!