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ohio pics

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by charles mills, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. I was just woundering if I could have some pics for the site .Im getting ready to start each state pics.
    thanx: charles mills
  2. Take any of mine you want.... :) not that there is that many yet, did lose a few though. :p

  3. What kind of pics You looking for?Daryl
  4. some of your best caughtes. I would like to let every one know that ohio is a great fishing & hunting state.
  5. send me your e-mail address by pm. I'll send you some pics of 2 tremendous 8 pointers my group has taken by bow in the last 2 seasons. The smaller officially scored 158 typical; the larger has not yet been scored, but is 160+ easy. He has a 23 1/4'' inside spread. Both Ohio deer (Greene county)
  6. Sorry to take this thread off topic for a second but man there are some good genetics in the deer in Greene county. Not a big herd down there but they got the racks. I saw a monster buck across the road from the Sugarcreek reserve last time I was down that way.