Ohio Offers In-State Tuition to Vets

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    I just received this email. Great info......

    Ohio Offers In-State Tuition

    Week of August 04, 2008
    Ohio announced that it will offer in-state tuition rates to veterans who
    attend its state colleges. The first plan of its kind in the nation, the
    Ohio GI Promise will allow veterans, their spouses and dependents to
    attend the state's 36 colleges and universities at in-state tuition
    rates, regardless of where they currently reside. The special rate will
    take effect when the new GI Bill <http://www.military.com/new-gi-bill/>
    benefits roll out in August 2009, but some veterans may immediately be
    able to get the special tuition rate depending on how much money they
    are currently receiving under the GI Bill. For more information, visit
    the Ohio GI Promise <http://universitysystem.ohio.gov/veterans/>
    website or call the hotline at 1-877- VETS-OH-1.