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...it around here. ever wonder why there are no pheasant,quail, or rabbits. ducks and ducklings ,even certain types of songbirds.do you honestly think....
Quail went away in the blizzard around '78. Farmers plowing right up to the fences eliminated a lot of cover for other birds, I used to see a cock pheasant or 2 every time I walked out to deer hunt. Through several hedgerows, large hedge apple trees. 1/4 mile walk to a 1/2 mile long woods and I didn't use a 4wheeler.
New farmer, new plans, out with those rows that's production! Never saw a bird after that.

Raccoons, skunks, and the biggie, FERAL CATS, kill kill kill. Crows and other birds like a good nest egg easy meal also.

Yes, the 1-2 eagles we see around these parts eat too, I see them routinely at the closest upland reservoirs and MUST be more of their nesting area, folks with $10k lenses on $5K cameras on $400 tripods set up there & snap photos. Ospreys also kinda neat! That's 12 miles from here though.

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What kind of 'bounty' is on buzzards?

Our sportsman club owns about 1,500 acres +, 5 lakes. Some of those lakes are 250 acres. Take a guess at how many ducks, baby geese, or stocked pheasants survive each year?
Every goose nest is ravaged by buzzards,, right at the first sound & smell of eggs cracking open.
I sat there & watched a handful of buzzards systematically drop down on each & every nest. WIPE-OUT!
EVERY pheasant (left over from gun season) is killed by redtails & owls. Hec,, There's no problem finding 5 or 6 dead pheasants, first day of gun. Most with their heads ripped off,,, just for the fun of it.
When we stock pen raised pheasants, for hunting or propagation, the stupid birds want to gather back up & can't keep their mouths shut! It only takes seconds for the redtails to find them.

Sooner than later, we're gonna need some kind of equalization.
Say, Permits to pop sum.?

All the way down to those damn 'shake-pokes' eat'n all of our Koi out of the G-kids pond!

I want reimbursed!!
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