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  1. I'm wanting to know if there are any ohio lure manufactures in our state?
    Here's what I'm looking for: Spoons, Soft Plastics, ect.

    I know miller rod and gun has some decent plastics for bulk at the sportsman shows.
  2. there is a place in medina i think its called ohio pro lure but i am not 100% sure i do know its in medina somewere though i know they make spinners and jigs im sure the make other lures to ive heard about them quite a few times

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    If you're looking for manufacturers, you can try Smack Tackle - http://www.smacktackle.com/. A few of their folks are on OGF. They only make two lures I'm aware of, but if you're after hybrids it's a pretty good choice.

    The "etc." in your post kind of covers a lot, so I didn't know if this would fit the bill or not.

  5. Try Warrior Baits! They are based out of Hilliard and they do have a website. Warriorbaits.com Soft plastics, among other baits. Tell them Sean sent ya!:)
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    better than rapalas!
  7. warriorbaits are awesome...founder(brandon) is in my club. Ike bought a bunch of swimbaits off him at the fair.
  8. whats the place near greenville called?
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    A few off the top of my head are - Havoc Baits , Venom Lure Co. , Warrior Baits (my personal preference) Ohio Pro lure , Vibee and there are a ton off local guys in every region who make jigs , spinner baits ect.
  11. Reef-runners....
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    Warrior Baits makes a KILLER Buzzbait that you can work REEEEEEL slow :)
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    Slow is an understatement. You can almost stop the thing ! For those that do not like clackers , they will also make them withouth them upon request. :)
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    snakey spoons are made in spencerville (lima)
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    Can't believe I forgot this one - Buckeye baits. Matt makes the best buzzbaits I have used. I really like his double buzzbait. He also does handpours, jigs, and spinnerbaits.


    I think he is in Ohio, but can't remember for sure and his website says nothing about where he is located.
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    Thanks a lot for all the kind words guys. Hey there Phil, Rainer, Sean. And hello to Marcia my favorite female angler in the country, long time no talk I hope all is well with you and let me know if there is anything I can do for you. We are a central Ohio based tackle company that specializes in hand poured soft plastic baits that range from unique baits you have never seen before to your every day baits. We also make jigs and shaky heads and the slowest buzzbait on the planet. In the next few months we are coming out with 2 new jigs a new goby a new paddle tail worm and hopefully a new swimbait. Also we now have our new line of tubes. We still need to add them to the website but we have right now 16 colors of 4 inch flipping tubes and 10 colors of 3 1/2" teaser tubes which is a lot like a bass pro shops tender tube.Check us out at warriorbaits.com or call me with any questions. Brandon Estep (614)207-7543
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    I think just about everything has been covered, you can tell Warrior baits Jameson sent you too. Ohio Pro Lure is in Medina by the way. Schubert's right bite tubes are in OH as well as Steel Valley Tackle