Ohio/Licking River near Cincinnati

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by space30cowboys, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Has anyone been bank fishing in the area lately? I was thinking about going down Wednesday and Thursday of this week but do not have access to a boat. Any help with areas or baits to use. Fairly new to the river fishing and just looking for suggestions. Thanks!
  2. The river near Nati is the Ahia river. The Licking river is about 3 hours north. Try Live bait. That's all I ever use anywhere I fish.

  3. correction buckeyelake08,there is a Licking river in Cincinnati. It runs south off the ohio between riverside dr & riverboat row actually in Kentucky.Quite a few fish have been caught there at the mouth of it.
  4. don't feel bad,you're not the first.Did you know there is one at Marietta too.
  5. I grew up on the licking near falmouth! The mud banks make great places for flats to lay eggs and the fallen timber is excellent for fishing! I have seen several 20 to 60 pound flattys come from the licking! The stretch of water on the licking above falmouth, ky up to butler, ky holds some really nice flattys!:B