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  1. Was night fishing in a marina in pensacola florida. Threw out shrimp (with bobber). Saw something come up near bobber (thought it was a large turtle). When I started slowly reeling in, the thing followed the bobber. I soon saw two eyes and realized it was a gator. He followed the bobber until about 10 feet from the dock. I estimate its size at 4-5 feet.
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    Cool...thanks for sharing.:D

  3. My Father told me of fishing in Florida with topwater and having gators follow his lure, I guess you wouldnt want to wade;)
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    In Honor of Shark Week............I caught this on Captiva Is, FL in Dec.
    5 blacktip.

  5. Hooked into a huge blacktip (6-7ft?) on Siesta Key last October. Actually hooked her two separate times within an hour. Both times she peeled of drag, got into deeper water, jumped out of the water and spinned like a football spirals. Obviously the line does not react well to that.

    Of course it provided the beachcombers with some excitement as well. The second time it jumped near two older ladies. Amazingly they stayed out there. One of my friends overheard one say "if it is my time, it is my time."