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  1. :cool: would'nt it be great if we could some how put into publish our own ohio game fishing monthly or bi-monthly magazine just think of all those fisherman and woman who dont have the luxury of a home or personal computer i really think this is an idea worth pursuing i have no publishing skills but i think theres enough people here to get this thing started,in some way or another. i just think it would be more help to anglers if you read an article written buy your average fisherman than some pro who is fishing some lake 5 states away and using gear so expensive you'd need a second mortgage on your house to get it . i want to read about tactics and lakes that are in ohio. in the past couple years i dont think ive read an article in a magazine that has helped me as much as reading forum posts on this website or on the old go fish ohio site. i would really like your opinions on this maybe we can really get this thing going. what do you think?
  2. ... a more cost efficient way to start would be a newsletter...
    I had one at minimal cost ($.75 each issue) using bulk postal mail for 2800+ subscribers and it was started as a "send self addressed stamped legal size envelope"...
    I think we still need to get the word out and the show in columbus is a very good start... Lets hope it picks up the membership!!
    Everything needs to start by taking baby steps and the owners here are heading the boat in the right waters... slow and easy...

  3. i get ohio game and fish and am about sick of it. 1 article of ice fishing and the rest deer,deer,deer,deer,.........

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    Yeah I thought OGF had a mag. I see it in the grocery stores anyways......
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    ogf has been around for only 9 months....that mag has been around for.....hey wait a minute..... :confused: :confused: :p
  6. I like SaugeyeSam's idea. It would just be a nice addition to this website.
    and also help promote the site.

    That said, I've been there, done that, and it takes a lot of work. I published a magazine for a year a long time ago, and much more recently helped another guy launch a magazine by being his editor.

    Still, the more info I can get about local fishing, the better. Be glad to help out a bit.
  7. Keep an eye out this spring for a local angler to be on the Ohio Game and Fish cover - my partner and codirector, Joe Engler, of our events popped a 6+ lbr and we shot some pics for the editor.

    I did some online collaborations for several stories in spring 2004, and this season to come, and we submitted his pic with the info.

    The crank that he was using in the pic is a handmade lure that will be available online dobass in months ahead "mothers sunshine" - along with "nester the molester" a jig made strictly for bed/sight fishn'.

    Hang in there with all the winter deer stories - FISHN is just around the corner!!!!

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    We've been talkin about doing a print publication since we opened the site back in April. It is a definite goal of ours, once we get our act together and get the site in order. We still have some upgrades/changes coming, and we wanted to tackle those before we got our hands into other media.

    Great to hear that you guys are on the same page with that!

    and FYI,

    We're Ohio Game Fishing. The mag that's been out for years is Ohio Game and Fish ;)
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    That magazine is just one publication of many. Ever been out of state and see at a Quik Stop while getting gas that there is a "Game and Fish for that state you are in?

    Our web site is totally unrelated to that magazine. And I agree about there being precious little of usable information in it.

    What you can get here can't even be compared to it, am I right? At least that has been my experience. The people here will share with someone EXTREMELY detailed help that you can use the next time out.
    Thats why I don't think of us as just another fishing website; but rather we are a "fishing community of friends" that spends time fishing together and helping each other out with our fishing, or even fixing something at home from our computer, to our car, plumbing, or whatever. ;)
  10. I agree with everyone. If and when the time comes that OGF is ready to launch a magazine I would love to pitch in and help anyway I can!
  11. Ruminator answered my main question. Ohio Fish & Game is just a slight rewrite of one for every state. If Ohio Game Fishing decides to start a magazine, count me in to help get it started.

    Like I said, "Been there, done that".

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    for the mods, My business is a bulk mailing business so we could help to get the lowest possible postage rates for it. whether it was a magazine or a newsletter. Keep us all informed, as I know you will! :) This would be awesome. I get the Ohio game and Fish too, but like others say, it is not the best. Might be in part because it comes out of Georgia I think.........We need something for us in Ohio from Ohio!
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    Will do rockbass...definitely :D
  14. Lewis


    You guys have our wheels turning now..for sure!
  15. sounds like a song I heard years back LOL

    I think there is plenty of help here
    and the great part is you don't even have to ask :D
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    I am impressed guys, with your generous offers. Maybe there will come a time when we pursue that.

    Right now we are just a group of guys who are doing less fishing to build this site and community of friends. Right now putting togethe a booth for the Columbus show coming up, and planning the 2005 events pretty well has our "plate" full.

    BTW- how do you like our new logo? We tweeked it some... ;)
  17. I was going to mention that.... that logo is one professional looking logo!!!!! It caught my eye the minute the paged open!!!!! Great job on it!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
  18. :D i didnt think i would get this kind of response to this subject all i was doing was simply saying that most out door magazines just are not that helpfull to me i mean i used to get ohio game and fish and they hardly ever give any real advice other than how to get to a certain lake or wildlife area. and i wasnt saying we had to start a magazine just that it would be kind of nice to have for those who fish but have no computer. i love this site its great ive learned alot from reading many differnt things on here plus people arent afraid to give a quick tip here or there or even detailed info but i dont want to ramble on ,great site great people.
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    ;) You just never know around here.:D
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    I would be more than willing to help and subscribe to the OGF magazine on one condition....Corey's picture can't be in it !!! Just kiddin Corey....