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  1. Read in the feb 08 issue that they are forcasting that WB is the eye lake to go too this year. They say its a walleye impoundment. WHAT BULL!!!! Why would you promote the lake if it isnt even stocked.:mad:
    Cant see why the DNR doesnt start before they are gone! With ALL the eyes stocked in Ohio it still seems wrong. What happened to lake conservation and stocking regulations. Seems funny ALL those Ski"s and Stripers that are to be gone still are eating all the bait. Where does the balance lay! More about money?
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    Jig...... You younger guys have to be the ball carriers now.....we older guys have seen some of the best and worst conditions our lakes, I have fished WB since they built it. Thats a long time ago.Hunted so close to there back then, we would take lunch breaks (from Huntin) and go down and set (watching the guys and equipment clearing parts of that lake site. I'm new to this site, but I have had a "love" affair with this body water as long as anyone here has.I'm not saying that it's totally up to you guys.....we have and we will continue to fight , right beside you as long as we live. But you younger generation warriors have alot more energy to carry on for your next generation..........Heres to you, god bless........Jon Sr.

  3. I got my copy of "Walleye Insider" in the mail today and lo and behold they featured Berlin in their "North America's Top Walleye Waters" section. Maybe there's something about Berlin everybody but the local fisherman know. They say the lake offers "good numbers of Walleyes and Saugeyes" and to "target the headwaters" ?????
  4. I hear ya Greydog! Just dont know what else too do but to keep posting. The dnr Give us there 2 sense.:confused:
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    suprised that neither publication listed pymy as a great walleye lake also (lol). seems as the ohio game and fish reposts the same articles for the same month year after year. quit it a long time ago. i go back to when berlin was an excellent eye lake (don't remember saugeyes) but for ne ohio, mosquito is (in my opinion) the best we have for sheer numbers.
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    I think LaDue is being overlooked, there's some good fish in there.
  7. i may be young but i have the eyes to see that our ne ohio walleye lakes are dying off. personnally ive never seen pymatuning at its best ive only caught some here and there. ive noticed magazines prizing lakes like berlin and west branch but i just dont see it. maybe im just spoiled after going to lake erie a few times.
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    Berlin does have some nice walleyes in it. I don't think they're wrong about it having a good population of fish. There is loads of shad in there, I've caught them in my cast net. And according to articles I've read many of the fish in there naturally reproduce, including the walleye, bass, and muskies. Now, as far as the lake being a mecca and walleyes jumping in the boat. Well, I've been lucky a few times, but not always. Also don't know what they mean by headwaters.
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    Could they be referring to where the river dumps into the lake? I think headwaters mean the upper tributary of a river or some such. I've never fished that part of the lake, but always said I would. I wouldn't think they mean the dam end...
  10. Head water impoundments no! The upper end of Berlin is rough terrain. Right now Milton is open for a boat and there is ALOT of water runnin. I can tell you that Berlin is one of the best Eyes lakes there is. Big deep waters hold big fish. You should see the shad boiling in the early summer months in the tree lines. Reminds me of Mac-n-Cheese in a pan! Wb is #2 for :B it just doesnt hold the smallish fish anymore.:( Guess if the weather hold out Ill be on Milton. To tough to get out of Berlin but off 14.
  11. Some good friends of mine do quite well on walleye at Berlin. Take the time to scope it out with your sonar and then start fishing.
  12. Hahaha. I remember a few years ago the ODNR had people catching many 6 to 8# walleye from this fishing gold mine report that made it sound like you could just toss in a line from shore and watch the fish pile up. It's a shame they mislead people and the added pressure on the lake will probably weaken the eye population even further due to it not being stocked. Maybe they are trying to get the eyes cleared out so there are more bait fish for the muskies. lol
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    I just let my subscription to Ohio Game & Fish magazine expire. They have the same crap over and over with very little useful information.

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    Yep.....I agree
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  15. Same here, the articles they cover sometimes don't even apply to Ohio waters. then their fishing reports is the same description of the lake and the different types of species it holds and that's it.
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    west branch??? ive only ever caught 2 walleye from the lake. granted both were over 5 pounds. but still only 2.
  17. I've done very well for walleye at west branch with limits alot of the time in the spring.
  18. 2-3 years ago WB was on fire for walleye. The former owner of the bait shop on route 14 put us on the fish every time. The lake also swallowed over a hundred dollars worth of my jigs but definately worth it .

    As of the past couple of years, it has been very slow or non-existant and
    I think the magazine is delayed a few years as far as its reports.

    This lake has proven it can sustain a population of eyes naturally but could use a boost from the odnr.
  19. I release just about everything except crappie at WB. It's just too easy to get walleye out of Erie or stocked lakes; wb populations should be preserved, IMHO. I'm sure you guys know 99 percent of those fish are saugeye.
  20. I do too Mike. There are walleye and suageye in WB and it seems some cross breeding between the two. I've caught more walleye than suageye.