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Ohio Falcons Update

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    COLUMBUS, OH - A record 57 peregrine falcon chicks fledged this year from 18 nests across the state, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife.

    Five pairs in Cleveland, along with individual pairs in Aberdeen (Brown County), Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, the Village of Cleves (Hamilton County), Columbus, Dayton, Eastlake, Ironton, Lakewood, Lima, Toledo, and Youngstown all produced between one and four young per nest. A nineteenth nest in Oregon failed. Additional territorial pairs that did not nest were observed in Aberdeen, Huron, and Lorain.

    “For the second year in a row, Ohio’s peregrine falcons have set new records for the number of nesting attempts, successful nests, and young successfully reared,” said Dave Scott, peregrine falcon project coordinator for the Division of Wildlife. In 2004, 54 peregrine falcon chicks were produced from 15 nests.

    The current overall peregrine falcon population in Ohio is estimated to be between 80 and 100 birds, prior to migration, Scott said. Included in that number are individual falcons that have been spotted in other areas of the state, including near The Ohio State University hospitals in Columbus, near the Kilin Power Station in Adams County, and in downtown Chillicothe. These birds, as well as the three territorial pairs that did not nest this season, could return next year to establish territories and perhaps successful nests.

    Anyone interested in following peregrine falcon activity in Ohio can view the latest updates online at The peregrine falcon page features information on the bird’s history, nest status, and links to cameras that record activity at several of the nest locations across Ohio.

    In 1989, wildlife experts with ODNR began reintroducing peregrine falcons into Ohio. For more than a decade now, peregrines have successfully nested in Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Toledo.

    Ohio’s peregrine falcon management program is funded by donations to the Endangered Species and Wildlife Diversity Fund and sales of the cardinal Ohio license plate. Donations may be made to the Division of Wildlife, 2045 Morse Road, G-1, Columbus, OH 43229, or by marking the check-off contribution box on your Ohio Income Tax form. Cardinal plates can be purchased at your local deputy registrar or by calling 1-800-PLATES-3