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Ohio DNR

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Lewzer, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    I would like to thank the ODNR or whoever else is responsible for:

    1) the new concrete boat ramp at Nimisila on Main Street.
    2) paving the parking lot at the above ramp.
    3) paving the Christman Road parking lot on the NE side of Nimisila
    4) paving the c-5 and c-6 parking lots at Nimisila and filling in the huge craters
    5) the brand spanking new campground at West Branch.
    6) paving the Cable Line Road boat launch parking lot
    7) paving the Rock Springs Road boat launch parking lot

    I'm sure there are more but other than my one March trip to Rayland (remember Husky?) and the annual May walleye week at Mosquito these are the only two public lakes that I have fished this year.
    The fishing has been so good this year I haven't even hit Erie yet for perch yet.
    So again, thank you it's good to see our license money being spent on infrastructure.
  2. As a taxpayer and buyer of fishing and/or hunting license you can thank almost everyone on here including yourself. :D Its great when things like that get done.