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Ohio Catfish Classic qualifying dates and locations

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by neocats1, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. neocats1

    neocats1 Team Catastrophe

    This is a current list of qualifying tournament dates and locations for the 2008 Ohio Catfish Classic. There are other qualifiers on this list, but I do not have dates for them at this time. If you have any questions about any of these dates, or need to add a date, please PM me

    5th- O’Shaughnessy Reservoir
    12th- Ohio River- Ravenswood, WV
    12th- O’Shaughnessy Reservoir
    12th- Salt Fork Outdoors
    12th- Grand Lake-St. Mary’s
    19th-Findley Lake
    19th- Salt Fork Outdoors
    19th- Buckeye Lake
    26th- O’Shaughnessy Reservoir
    26th- Ohio River-Point Pleasant, WV
    26th- Cripple Creek
    2nd- Madison Lake
    3rd-Atwood Lake
    3rd- Grand Lake-St. Mary’s
    3rd- Deer Creek Lake
    3rd- Ohio River-downtown Cincinnati ramp
    10th- Cripple Creek
    16th- Madison Lake
    17th- Rocky Fork Lake
    17th- Salt Fork Outdoors
    17th- Wellington Reservoir
    17th- Hoover Reservoir
    24th- Burr Oak Lake
    31st- Tappan Lake
    30th- Madison Lake
    31st- Ohio River- Mason, WV
    31st- O’Shaughnessy Reservoir
    7th- Burr Oak Lake
    7th- Ohio River-Mason, WV
    9th- Ohio River-Schmidt Ramp
    13th- Madison Lake
    14th- Mosquito Lake
    14th- Salt Fork Outdoors
    21st- Ohio River- Portsmouth, OH
    21st- Cripple Creek
    21st- Grand Lake-St. Mary’s
    21st- O’Shaughnessy Reservoir
    27th- Madison Lake
    28th- Clendening Lake
    5th- Cripple Creek
    5th- Burr Oak Lake
    11th- Deer Creek Lake
    12th- Ohio River- Ashland, KY
    12th- O’Shaughnessy Reservoir
    18th- Salt Fork Outdoors
    19th- Piedmont Lake
    19th- Grand Lake-St. Mary’s
    19th- Deer Creek Lake
    25th- Madison Lake
    26th- Charles Mill Lake
    2nd- Ohio River- Steubenville
    2nd- Salt Fork Outdoors
    2nd- Hoover Reservoir
    2nd- Ohio River-Schmidt Ramp
    7th through 10th- Indian Lake (3-Day Event)
    8th- Deer Creek Lake
    8th- Muskingham River-Gaysport Ramp
    9th- Ohio River- Eureka, OH
    15th- Madison Lake
    16th- O’Shaughnessy Reservoir
    16th- Cripple Creek
    16th- Grand Lake-St. Mary’s
    16th- Salt Fork Outdoors
    23rd- Springfield Lake (Akron)
    23rd- Paint Creek Lake
    29th- Madison Lake
    30th- Ohio River- Belpre, OH
    30th- Burr Oak Lake
    6th- Salt Fork Lake
    6th- O’Shaughnessy Reservoir
    13th- Deer Creek Lake
    13th- Grand Lake-St. Mary’s
    13th- Cripple Creek
    20th- Spencer Lake
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