Ohio Brush Creek

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Riverman, Apr 13, 2008.

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    I am looking for some tips on fishing in Ohio Brush Creek from Serpent Mound down close to the Ohio River. I’ll be on a 3 day 2 night trip with some friends that don't fish but love the beauty of a spring float.

    I have fished it before but only using small jigs and soft twister tails and just done OK. Is there a better lure or bait for this creek? I am also taking a fly rod to try when we camp. Any suggestions for spinning or fly rods would be appreciated.
  2. LMRsmallmouth

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    Try Small tubes, YUM Craw, or a buzz bait after may....

  3. Riverman ,we fished ,waded Brush creek upstream from Serpant Mound last summer and always did good on firetiger rooster tails ,mightbe too eary for them but we caught fish everytime we went .
    I just got a canoe ,if you put in at serpant mound how far can you go?Can you get to Rt 41 bridge?

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    I've fished it several times, but it's usually been late in the year. I take an annual or bi-annual float trip around Thanksgiving with some neighbors, so it's a tad cold then :)

    The couple of time I've fished it in the spring, I've always used my normal smallie lures YUM Crawbug, soft jerkbaits, tube jigs, inline spinner, white curly tail, etc. I've never seemed to do that well with them.

    Since my last spring fishing trip there, I've talked to a couple of people who said Hellgramites are the ticket. I haven't been back to try it myself, but next time I go I'm taking some rubber hellgramites to jig. I've used hellgramites on the New River and other places in WVa, but never thought to use them here.