ohio atv auctions???

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  1. Does anybudy know where i could find a atv/boat/snowmobile etc..... auction anyplace in ohio?

    Any info would be great.

  2. Skipco in Canal Fulton - you can check their website and see what's for sale that week......and what went for what $$ the weeks previous.


  3. thank you, all i can find is cars in that website
  4. I never checked the web site, but they do sell quads. A buddy got a Polaris 4x4 that was from a "neglected" home there . He had to get approval from the bank(that was selling ) he got it, for so low of price. We had to do about $300.00 in parts and change all the fluids but other than that have had no problems with it.
  5. Yes - they do mostly cars, but there's always boats, atv's, trailers and other stuff there. It's "hit and miss" when there'll be quads there, but I've always seen at least one that was sold the week prior (on the listings).

    If it's not that far of a drive for you, it might be worth it to show up every time there's an auction...........just remember to have check in hand or bank pre-approval. You'll need to pay in full by the following thursday.

    What about ATV/Motorcycle trader?? There's usually some good deals in there........
  6. im about 10 hours away from the auction, i want to find a auction where theres 50+ atv's sold
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    You won't find an auction like that in the tri-state area because there isn't one. The only chance you'll have of finding one like that is if you were to go to the auction(s) that Honda Fiance used and even then it's not like Ford Credit or GMAC becasue the cost of interstate transportation for ATV's would not make it worthwhile to do this. (ie: Think of how many car transporters you see on the highway w/ 10 cars or so. Now think of how many you see filled w/ ATV's.... none)

    Here are the larger auctions in our areas.

    -Skipco (Canal Fulton)- Independent Skipco/Source One Owned

    -Dayton Auto Auction (Dayton)- Independent


    -ADESA (Franklin)- ADESA Owned


    -Cincinnati Auto Auction (Cincy)- Manheims Owned


    -KASP (Lexington)- Independent


    -ADESA (Lexington)- ADESA Owned

    Some things to keep in mind:

    REPO Auctions in OHIO are open to the public (most states are still dealer only). Anything you buy from an Ohio Repo Sale has no warranty stated or implied. You pay a small fee to use the auctions services and a down payment is usually collected, PRIOR to obtianing a bidder number. You must have a bidder number before you can bid on a unit. if your the winning bidder your downpayment will go towards what you purchase. If you are not the winning bidder, you will usually get the amount back. I have heard of some acutions charging a small service charge though, so you may not always get 100% of your money back. Also keep in mind that just becasue something has a high bid of say $500, it doesn't mean that you automatically get that unit for that price. A financial insitution has the right to deny that bid if they think the unit is not selling for a commerically reasonable amount.
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  8. there must be auctions with these kinds of numbers because right now im buying my units from a dealer in ohio and his buying his units from a auction. Im just trying to cut out the middle man.

    Thanx for all the info guys.
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    not one that sells 50+ at every auction.

    Some auctions will hold recreational vehicles at certain sells say twice or three times a year and sell many at once, but those are dealer only and the only one I know of w/ a couple hundred miles is in Lexington. An example of one of those would be: http://www.wherethepoweris.com/custompage.asp?pg=annualauction

    Theres some more info you can get, but I need to know if your a dealer or a private party becasue if your a dealer your looking for something other than repo auctions, that's where you'll find higher #'s of units.
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    but if u are a dealer u should already know where these auctions are at unless u just started. why dont u ask the guy that u are buying them from where he gets them ? only a thought
  11. i buy 20-30 atv's off him a month, if he would tell me about the auction he would lose out on all thoes sales. I asked meny times.

    Im canadien and for me its a bit harder to find because there isn;t word of mouth, all there is is me trying to find out over the internet.
  12. Sounds to me like your seller is not telling you the correct state.......maybe that's for a reason??? Hmmmm?????
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    I dont mind helping fellow OGF'ers and from your PM at 1st I thought you were wanting one for private use. I'm guessing you did some internet searches and found my previous post about ATV sells at auctions. I hope your not offended by this, but I would rather help someone find a good deal on an ATV for personal use vs someone just looking to make $. Still, since your a dealer, use your resourses. I'm sure you'll find what your looking for sooner or later.