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Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by River Walker, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. Well our beloved tribe has really dug themselves a hole now,it's pretty much come down to either win the last two,or go home for the winter.Not that it really had a "whole lot" to do with the game,but judging from some of the balls and strikes called in this game,and a couple real iffy calls on the bases,I don't know why,but it almost looks like MLB would like to see NY and Boston in the playoffs,but we all know that couldn't be-could it? Bad calls or not though Cleveland has no one to blame but themselves for this loss.Second and third with nobody out,and only scoring one run-inexcusable! Boone and Blake are so damn automatic it's sickening.How many excellent games has Millwood had this year only to have the offense let him down? The bright side still remains though,regardless of whether they get in the playoffs or not,they've far exceeded my expectations this year.There still in it though,if the hitting picks up,we can do it-go tribe!
  2. RW,

    They certainly have dug a deep one. But I have said it before, this team ws built for next year, and this one kind of surprised even Shapiro. I hope they still make it, but if they don't....they only have themselves to blame. They played crappy the first half of the season, dug themselves a deep hole that they almost got out of, and now they have to win out to get in.


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    When they had the bases loaded last night with one out and couldn't get that winning run across I knew that game was it was over. Then Wedge took Hafner out in the 9th and put in a rookie to run for him that was a bad move in my opinion. Hafner would of ended up getting 2 more at bats, all it takes is one swing potentially, he's not that slow on the bases. I actually got online last Saturday and got sweet home game #1 playoff tickets, I hope I get to use them.