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  1. Got my new fishing license today, opened up the regulations to bone up for the year and who do I see.....Thanks Right, our own Big Daddy holding a nice smally. He does not have an OGF hat on for once but you can see in on his shirt.

    Congrats Carl!
  2. I wonder who caught the fish.

  3. His son probably caught it and just let him take a picture with it.:D
    you know your big time when you make the reg book.
  4. Hmmm...looks to me like somebody photoshop'd the "OGF" off his hat. Isn't that considered treason in these parts?
  5. Dixie Chicken

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    I got it right from the vendors mouth. Carl landed that fish at a Pay Lake. For another $5.00 they let you sit in the Ranger for the photo. The Smallie's mouth looked like a pin cushion.

    You know me I don't make stuff up!
  6. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    BigDaddy.......Words totally out on this my man...... I should have had you autograph mine (for posterity).. when I ran into you at Gander Mtn. the other evening......Your going to get blasted on this one for sure.... Enjoy your vac, see you out on the water somewhere..........Jon Sr.
  7. Guess now I can say I know that guy!:D
  8. BuzzBob

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    Just picked up the regulations at the Home and Flower show but never opened it up. Right after looking at that I opened the Cleveland Plain Dealer and in the sports section is a huge picture of Marcia Rubin and Ray Halter (Rodmaker's Shoppe). Some OGF's are getting more than their alloted 15 minutes of fame!:)
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    You didn't know...Movers and Shakers, baby...! :D
  10. That ain't him-no fire dragon tatoo on his forearm.
  11. Yeah, I'm a real mover and shaker... With every move, I shake!!!

    If you look closely, I am actually wearing my TEAM OGF shirt... The hat is a TEAM OGF hat, but the folks in C-bus photo shopped it out... No problem.

    It was a smallie trip I took on Erie, pre-fishing a Stren Series event with South Carolina pro Nick Gainey. Real great guy and was a BALL to fish with. We were fishing off Avon.

    Famous? Not me... I hope license sales don't drop!
  12. Here's the proof that I was sportin' my OGF threads... :)

  13. I saw it , too...nice fish, Carl. Lookin' good in the hat!