OGF sighting Apple Valley Lake

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  1. Silver Hyundai with an OGF sticker on rear window parked in East Launch lot with a small trailer. I was parked in the lot in my car on a phone interview and saw the sticker when I pulled away.
  2. I sent you a PM........check them and get back to me.

  3. It was me and my son.We went up for the day.A 3 lb largemouth was caught and numerous small perch,crappie,redears.But the surprise of the day was a 30 inch striper we saw floating bellyup.It had to be 20 to 25lbs.It was a sickening sight seeing it dead & floating and not on our line's end.We think we saw another one just alittle smaller floating dead too but we never got close enough to double check.It was just south of King Beach and the bigger one was up in the middle by the power lines.Wonder whats up with those?
  4. We saw a striper I believe last year floating as well. I don't know how long they have been in there but I know it has been a long time. I don't know whether old age would be a factor? I don't know if the one we saw was as big as that one. It was quite decayed by the time we saw it.
  5. From what I could see there wasn't a mark on the one side showing so it very well could have been old age,it was certainly big enough.
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    Another one? My bro seen one last year after ice out, he estimated at 20 pounds. He also caught one in Nov that was 28 inches and 14 pounds (released). What a fish, and to think anglers were throwing them on the bank years ago.
  7. I heard those stories as well about tossing them on the bank although I never spoke to anyone who personally said they did it. I would hope it was not true but it would not really surprise me.:rolleyes:
  8. I am curious as to what method of fishing folks are doing to catch these fish. I have put in a lot of hours over there and have never hooked in to one to my knowledge. Are most hooked using bass tactics? Or deep water trolling?
  9. I wonder if they are true stripers or hybrids.I do know I have nothing in my aresenal that could handle those brutes as I inmagine it would be like landing a marlin or baracuda on a snoopy rod,they are huge!
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    Apple Valley was stocked with hybrids, not true. These '20 lb' fish would be records.
  11. mushi thanks for clearing that up than,cause the ones I saw were really huge and I think maybe brk is right ,they are dying of old age.
  12. I'm thinking a combination of old age and summer stress. The waters warmed rapidly a few weeks back and that can cause stress that perhaps an old fish could not handle. I believe the one I saw last year was around mid-June as well.
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    Stripers like colder water and stay deep in the freshwater lakes in the summer, so this very well good be true.
  14. There was a photo of one caught last summer in "The Cider Press", Apple Valleys monthly newspaper, it weighed 15 pounds. They called it a striper, I cannot verify from the picture although it was huge.
  15. Ok, I just got off the phone with Don and Dee Zarbaugh, Don was the fish club president for like the last 20 years.

    Don said that in 1994, 2500 3-6" HYBRID fingerlings were stocked in the lake. At the time, the Tuesday Nite bass club was upset and would throw them on the bank if they caught one and told other people to do so.

    So they are not stripers, but with AV's huge shad population and deep water, they have done pretty well. I've never caught one with all the countless hours I've spent fishing for bass there but would like to.
  16. well i guess possible records are swimming in Apple Valley,now watch a bunch of record seekers flock to apple valley,lol.
  17. I was pretty certain they were hybrids as well and Don would be the one to verify that. I never looked until now at the state record on hybrids. It wouldn't surprise me to have one in there at that size. The one I saw floating last year was in pretty bad shape by the time I saw it so I didn't hang around it very long but I would have suspected it to be over 30".

    The state record is 31" and 17.68#.
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    Where can you get a OGF sticker?

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    I need to recant my earlier statement about my bro's wiper, I just seen him and it was 28 inches and 9 pounds, not 14.

    I think what we have here is a few remnant fish, not something you could viably fish as a target species. Any trophy seekers that would come here and happen to be successfull, well, due homage would certainly be in order.