OGF crappie tourney bait orders?????

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by misfit, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. misfit

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    for those who wish to order bait for the tourney,get your orders in asap.i stopped in and spoke with trish on sunday when i paid for mine,and she said she'd only received one call so far.again,she gets nothing from this,and it definitely is not a money making proposition with the cost and time involved in delivery.it's a good will gesture to those fishing the tourney.the only possible gain would be further recogognition as a friendly,reputable long time local bait/tackle shop owner who appreciates her customers.
    i'd hate to see her have to make the trip for only a couple orders.
    odering is as simple and painless as picking up the phone,and you only have 5 days left till blast off,so get those orders in:)

    here's the number....................614-882-4581

    disclaimer.............................. am in no way affiliated with this shop,nor do i profit in any way from this offer.my sole purpose is to help others here,and help out the nice owners of a great local business who are trying to get their business rebuilt after some setbacks that were beyond their control.
  2. Thanks for the reminder Rick! Completely slipped what little mind I have left...

    Just called in my order.

    One less thing to worry about now!

  3. misfit

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    LOL carl.i forgot to ask her who called,but thought about you.i figured some others may be like me;)
    i almost forgot to pay while i was there:rolleyes:
    didn't need any yesterday and got to shooting the breeze with trish and almost walked out without paying:D
  4. :) Thanks for the good words of support, Rick! See you on Saturday.

    Mike & Trish
  5. misfit

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    i only sl=peak the truth,trish:)
    just what you've shown in the many years i've dealt with you.

    now.....................could you add a couple ham&egg croissants and a large coffee to my order?:D;)
  6. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    get those orders in.only 3 days left.
  7. SwollenGoat

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    Just stopped in last night and placed my order.

    Everything still a go with the delivery?

    Either way, just wanted to bump this to the top for all the procrastinators like me. :D
  8. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    trish told me the other day,she'll be there about 6ish.i haven't heard any different.