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OGF Captions Contest - Tappan Edition! FREE SHIRT & STICKER!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ShakeDown, Aug 11, 2004.

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  1. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    BACK by popular demand, your TEAM OGF guys are once again offering themselves up for some teasing, humiliation, and laughter at their expense! Just like the last captions contest, the rules have stayed the same and are as follows!

    OGF Contest - FREE Shirt and Sticker!

    The contest is FREE, and open to ALL OGF members.

    The details:

    Listed below are 4 pictures of a few of your TEAM OGF guys caught in various "acts" at our June Tappan Celebration Tournament and Food Drive. It is up to you, to come up with a humorous caption for EACH picture below, and reply to this thread with them. Only one entry per member please, and remember to keep the language clean. Keep in mind, that those of us in the pictures volunteered for this, and are looking for a good laugh! This contest starts today, and will end promptly on September 30th, 2004!

    When you post your entry, please use the following format:
    Picture #1 (Dale & Stretch) - "caption goes here"
    Picture #2 (ShakeDown) - "caption goes here"
    Picture #3 (CaptnRoger & Catking) - "caption goes here"
    Picture #4 (Lewis) - "caption goes here"

    The voting: Once the contest ends on on September 30th, we will post a poll with all of the entries listed. All OGF members will have a chance to vote up until October 7th, when we close the polls and tally the votes. The OGF Development Team will break all ties. The winning entry will be announced on the site October 7th after the polls close.
    The goods:
    The voting will determine ONE winner, who will recieve a FREE OGF T-shirt of their prefferred size, and a FREE 6x9 Vinyl OGF sticker.

    Folks, have fun with this...we're really looking forward to some chuckles and creativity, so MAKE US LAUGH!

    Have fun, and be nice ;)

    We do reserve the right to void any entries that we deem malicious or obscene.

    Pic#1 - DaleM & Stretch
    Pic#2 - ShakeDown
    Pic#3 - CaptnRoger & Catking
    Pic#4 - Lewis
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  2. Corey

    Corey OGF Team-Charter Member

    Picture #1 (Dale & Stretch)-"Sorry sir, it's ball caps turbans."
    Picture #2 (Shakedown)-"This is my pistol, this is my gun....."
    Picture #3 (Captain Roger & Catking)-"Hi Mom! (psst...hey Rog, put down the beer, we're on TV. Is my zipper down?)."
    Picture #4 (Lewis)-"I wonder if I can hit Shortdrift from here with this bottle?.........maybe if I fill it with rocks."

  3. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    Picture #1 (Dale & Stretch) - "I'm sorry, but nobody from that former site is on the list."
    Picture #2 (ShakeDown) - "Here fishy, fishy - How do you like my BUZZ bait?"
    Picture #3 (CaptnRoger & Catking) - "Somebody please rescue me from this chatterbox!"
    Picture #4 (Lewis) - "Yep - them are the Hooters girls, alright."
  4. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Pic#1 (Dale & Stretch) "I'm sorry sir, your walker is on backorder"
    Pic#2 (Shake) The Poor man's fishfinder
    Pic#3 (Roger & Kitty) "Honey, quit waving at the camera and get me another beer"
    Pic#4 (Lewis) "Wow, my pants are STILL too tight even after removing this bottle"
  5. Bass_Hawg

    Bass_Hawg Certified Hawg Master

    Picture #1 (Dale & Stretch)-hey uhh Dale I don’t know my social can you help me out. (Dale) well I don’t know what it is . . .HEY WHERES MY CLIP BOARD!
    Picture #2 (Shakedown)-OOHHH hey now, that gar just about nipped something… ATTENTION STAY OUT OF THE WATER.. PERVERTED GAR ARE on the loose
    Picture #3 (Captain Roger & Catking)-Captain Roger says. Man, This beer taste bad I wonder if Catkings curse if affecting its taste. Catking waving says under breath You guys want a curse I’ll give you a curse. Just wait till you eat these burgers then you will SEE a curse
    Picture #4 (Lewis)- Man I wonder where my boat is. Is it over there. . . . no no. did I even bring it? ? ? ?

  6. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    Pic#1 (Dale & Stretch) "Hey Stretch.....There went Daisy Duke"
    Pic#2 (Shake) "WHAT?!?!?! Piranhas in Tappan?
    Pic#3 (Roger & Kitty) "Don't Ask.......Don't Tell"
    Pic#4 (Lewis) " Lundy.......I said a steel glove, not a water bottle"
  7. Picture 1 (Dale & Stretch)"Hey Stretch, get your eraser out. Roger's here."

    Picture 2 (ShakeDown) "You're right Lundy, those saugeye DO have teeth!"

    Picture 3 (Roger & Catking) catking says, "Hey! I flip the burgers with this hand!!!" Roger says nothing, but disinfects himself with lots of alcohol.

    Picture 4 (Lewis) "I spy with my little eye....SHORTDRIFT!!!!"
  8. Dingo


    Picture #1 (Dale & Stretch) - "Your plan looks good on paper, but will it catch fish this big?"
    Picture #2 (Shakedown) - "This four inch worm isn't working too well... maybe I can sweet talk 'em instead"
    Picture #3 (Captain Roger & Catking) - "come on, leave a sip for me!"
    Picture #4 (Lewis) - "Man, I wish I had a beer"
  9. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    Picture 1- (Dale & Stretch) "so thats 5 cases of non alcoholic Budweiser?"
    Picture 2- (ShakeDown) talking to the fish "you guys aint got nothin on me"
    Picture 3- (Roger & Catking) "Hey Erich get me another beer"
    Picture 4- (Lewis) "Hey Ladies!"
  10. Tee

    Tee Team OGF

    Picture #1 (Dale & Stretch) - "Look you only ordered 2 bottles of ENZYTE"
    Picture #2 (ShakeDown) - "WHOA Glad I didn't order any ENZYTE"
    Picture #3 (CaptnRoger & Catking) - "Who here ordered ENZYTE"
    Picture #4 (Lewis) - "Verrrrt.....Boy that cabbage was good"
  11. Picture #1 (Dale & Stretch) - "Stretch - hey Dale this paper says we have $100.
    Dale - I wonder how much we will have to pay Catking to not talk about that darn musky."
    Picture #2 (ShakeDown) - "Wow!! Who forgot to turn the water heater on?"
    Picture #3 (CaptnRoger & Catking) - "Just look at the camera and act like you didn't see those burgers on the ground."
    Picture #4 (Lewis) - "Ummm hamburgers and cold beer. They tasted great but man I will be hurting later."
  12. Picture #1 (dale and Stretch) "hugs, 10 bucks a piece! Dale, sez right here on the list that ain't allowed..."

    Picture #2 (shakedown) "I'm Shrinking!! But, hey everybody check out my Michael Jackson imitation!"

    Picture #3 (CapnRoger and Catking) "Real tomato ketchup, Eddie?"

    Picture #4 (lewis) "when did all that water get here?"
  13. Picture #1 (dale and Stretch) "Ben Dover; Ben Dover. See Dale, I TOLD you not everybody has arrived yet!"

    Picture #2 (Shakedown) "Ahhh, I feel much better. Hell with that line @ the porta-pottie! Hope nobody is eatin fish outa here cause I know I aint!"

    Picture #3 (CaptnRoger & Catking) "Will those members promoted from Jr. Baiter to Master Baiter please raise your left hand."

    Picture #4 (Lewis) "If this darn crowd would just move on I could relieve myself into this here bottle!
  14. Pic #1 (DaleM & Stretch) "This recipe for Cajun Catfish will be Yummy for the next Hawg Fest"
    Pic #2 (Shakedown) "I SAID, I can't hold IT much longer!"
    Pic #3 (Captn Roger & Catking) "Teach a man to fish....hey give me your beer, I need to baste the burgers!"
    Pic #4 (Lewis) "THAT'S your best side???"
  15. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    I only have one comment, and it doesn't count obviously toward the grand prize.

    PIC #2

    Shake doin' his best Michael Jackson impression "Weeeee--Hooooooooo" :D


    "DAG-GONE! Look at the size of 'em Blugills! Gotta get my worm outta this water!"
  16. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    That's just WRONG buddy.
  17. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    (#1)Yep Dale he’s right it says right here you have to be back to the nursing home by 5pm. Sorry

    (#2) Ok shake you can stop now were up to summer pool. Ah

    (#3) See this hears the hand I used to grab that MUSKIE, would you just flip the burgers and give me a beer.

    (#4) man I could be fishing right now.
  18. JBJ


    Picture #1 (Dale & Stretch) - "Next on the list is Shakedown singing the Star Spangled Banner."
    Picture #2 (ShakeDown) - "How does Catking think this is going to help me hit the high notes..."
    Picture #3 (CaptnRoger & Catking) – (Catking) "I told you I could get him to do it!" (Roger) "That water is nowhere near cold enough."
    Picture #4 (Lewis) - "I could swear I just heard Alphalpha from The Little Rascals singing out in the water..."
  19. Doctor

    Doctor CJ Cat Attack Pack

    Picture #1 (Dale & Stretch) - Dale " I have the money right here in my right hand 20 bucks says Big Daddy forgot to put the plug in the boat.

    Picture #2 (ShakeDown) - "Ah Man I should have my head examined for volunteering for this job, this water is cold. I'm going to have some major shrinkage after this!!!

    Picture #3 (CaptnRoger & Catking) - Catking- "Hi yall, trust me Roger on this one these burgers are going to be great, I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night"
    Roger- "Oh brother here we go again"

    Picture #4 (Lewis) - "Hey Hey, the guy behind me dosen't even know he's standing in a pile of dog doodoo, and talk about a pair of chicken legs, looks like he over did them in the sun, maybe I should offer him this water bottle to cool those legs down, Naw let him suffer "
  20. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Blaise has a ShakeDown fetish :D