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I'm not sure that I will share this information publically going forward, but I wanted to give you all a 'behind the scenes' snapshot of the incredible opening month of April we had!

Advertising agreements we have will not allow me to show income sources:

Total Revenue $ 128.49

Web Hosting & Related $179.00
Software Purchases $ 553.00

Total Expenses
$ 732.00

Total Net Profit/Loss $(603.51)

<As you can see, we have some very real costs in making OGF happen. If you want to help our cause, please click on the 'make a donation' link to the right>

Web Stats:
New Forum Registrations: 1142
Average Registrations Per Day: 46
Total Visitors: 41,349
Unique Visitors: 8261
Total Pageviews: 873,612
Total Hits: 5,319,135
Bandwidth consumed (HTTP only): 17.76GB
Bandwidth consumed (Total, including email/FTP): 19.63GB

That's one heck of a first month. Thanks all for help making it happen. You all are what define this site, and without you we would not be successful.

Your OGF Team!

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This summer I'll try my best to send you guys in some money to help out with this. At this point and time, as a college student, I can barley afford to buy my beer.

The web stats ae amazing, look at all those people we have coming here. This truly is the best fishing website out there. Keep up the good work admins :)

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Thank you to each and every one of you members at the OhioGamefishing site. You are the ones making this possible. :) Rick

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I will just echo what everyone else has said...
A very successful first month,but we are not done yet.
We have many more things in store!
Thanks members...we provide the forum...its you that makes it happen!
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