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offset smokers

Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by midnight, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. i have a water smoker and i can do a whole chicken that is exellent. my question is my brother bought a offset smoker.does any one have a recipe for smoked whole chicken, i gave him a recipe for a rub alresdy and to rub it with olive oil.........any body got a recipe for smoked whole chicken for a offset smoker?...........thankx guys......mid
  2. OK, I'm hooked....what is an offset smoker?

  3. like a 55 gallon drum with an extra chamber for charcoal and wood chips
  4. ezbite

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    i have one and when i smoke anything i make sure to keep it all the way to the right side of the grate. if you keep it by the fire box it burns if you run a hot fire. adjust the smoke/heat by the flapper on the stack. best thing to do is just start smoking and learn from there.
  5. thanks u have any help with smoking a whole chickin on one of these type of smokers? thanks agian............mid
  6. jeffmo

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    use what ever kind of spices you like,buy some rub or buy an injector to help keep the meat moist.with the type of smoker you're talking about using you'll need to put a drip pan under the birds to catch the drippings and to keep the meat from drying out.
    i always keep several kinds of wood chips soaked down in plactic bowls with the lids on,that way the wood is wet all the way through and will smoke instead of burning up.i like hickory or mesquite for poultry and beef and maple or apple wood for ribs or pork shoulders.
    i have a pork shoulder on my smoker right now and tomorrow we're having pulled pork sandwiches and sweet corn(then a nap!!!)
  7. You do them pretty much the same way on either smoker. The water bowl on a water smoker really does little to moisten the meat as they advertise, it simply provides inderect heat (Alot of people actually fill it full of sand) . I myself prefer to split my chickens before smoking them, it just makes serving them so much easier as all I have to do is plop down a half chicken, add some fixings and watch the bones pile up. I have also done 4 or 5 beer butted chickens with alot of success on my smoker, they turned out just as good as they did on the grill with great color and a smokey taste. If you choose to go a different route, look into brining your chickens over night. I generally don't spice up my chickens a whole lot aside from some pepper after brining (The brine will generally add enough salt taste) or for beer buts I will use olive oil or butter along with a little salt and pepper. I generally use Hickory and somketimes a chunk of apple mixed in
  8. dzimmer i have done just split breasts and your right much easyer to serve......and dont take as long as a whole bird ......thankx for info guys
  9. Try splitting whole birds sometime when you are feeling hungry, with the price of whole fryers you can't go wrong. just mix up a basic brine (Recipes are all over the internet but a basic saltwater will work) and split the birds by simply cutting down the middle of the breast and then down both sides of the backbone. Trim away any extra fat and brine them in the fridge over night then toss them on the smoker come morning (Or noon depending on when you want to eat) . Now all you need to do is butter up some bread, sit out the baked beans and applesauce and you will be eating what I consider some of the best BBQ around. Sure, I love all night brisket cooks and Carolina pulled pork but nothing beats the simplicity of chicken on the smoker.
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    Nice site twistertail!!!
  11. Be sure to sign up, lots of good people and great info on smoking. I've taking my smoking to a whole new level with info from that site. Be sure to read about ABT's, they are awsome!
  12. thanks twistertail very cool site............this should help out my bro.........hell me too!!!!!!!!!1
  13. I have a water smoker, but have always admired the "offsets" with the separate firebox. You can do a tremendous volume of meat on them. I have always heard that meat juices dripping onto bare metal are a "carcinogen", so if I had one, I am sure I would utilize a drip pan filled with liquid. On my water smoker, I get rave reviews on my brisket, which I slather with mustard & my favorite dry rub the morning before I smoke it. I refrigerate it until about midnight, throw it on the smoker at about 1am & I don't lift that lid until about 11am. I also use use soaked hickory chips on my coals & apple juice in my water pan. That meat comes out black, moist & falling apart. Add some home-made sauce & I'm in heaven!
  14. Check out . Its basically a collection of sites from different BBQ teams, Caterers, Manufacturers and all sorts of different people connected to BBQ and smoking.