*OFFICIAL* Western Ohio Walleye Championship Thread

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  1. Anyone have any info on how the first day of tourney went at CJ?

    My plan is to get out there early tomorrow morning and catch ALL the walleyes left in the lake, at least twice. :D
  2. BlueBoat98

    BlueBoat98 Where's Waldo?

    First Place - 9 pounds and change on three fish, including a 5#, by an OGF'r.
    Second Place - 8 pounds and change.
    Big Fish - 6.38 pounds
    28 boats were out.
    Lots of "0's" on the board.

    Weigh in tomorrow at the boat ramp at 3:00 P.M. I can't make it so someone else will have to post.


  3. Charles

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    Thanks BlueBoat for all your posts, they are very helpful. Saw some interesting things at CJ ramp today. A 7 lb 10 ounce walleye, many smaller ones. A boat running into another boat. No one hurt or any damage. A car-boat, really neat. A boat with 5 women in their twenties, three of them laying on their stomach showing their assets, (no photo). A very overloaded boat. See my photo gallery for pictures of walleyes, result chart, car-boat, overloaded boat. Thanks everyone for all your posts and pictures they make this a GREAT forum. Talked to a reporter for newspaper at the weigh in, he said his article should be in this saturday paper.
  4. Wow! Thanks for the update! Sounds like there were some nice fish taken despite no wind early, and hi temps. I only picked up a throwback and a couple cats.

    Ramp was insane when I left around 1pm... I can't imagine those 28 tourney boats trying to negotiate all the crazies.

    Curious.. Are walleye tournies C&R? or were these fish destined for lake crisco?
  5. AHHH... there was a tourny this weekend. I wondered why there were so many boats out on Sunday morning when I drove over the dam wall. I imagine it was a mad house later in the day when everybody and there brother was there!!! Looks like a couple of nice fish caught though!
  6. Day one:

    "We had 28 boats at C.J.Brown, Western Ohio Walleye Club's Championship day one tournament. Jason Toadvine and John Mahar are winning so far with 9+lbs. 14 Boats brought fish to the scales. Big fish was 6.3lbs Almost all the fish came trolling cranks. I will post the final results on Monday. Thanks John Clark

    John Clark"

    Day two:

    "Final results. Jason and John held on to win the tournament with 16.5 lbs. Tom Kemper and Rick Dutton had day two big fish with a 7.10lb fish. The team of Ferd Lohman and Dan Johnson won team of the year. I will send the total results to scott later this week, and they can be found on our webpage here at Walleye Central. Thanks everyone that made our 9th year a sucess.

    John Clark"