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  1. Theres always alot of OSU talk so I figured I'd start a thread that we could just maintain instead of creating one for every OSU game.
  2. OSU 2008 Recruiting class
    OL-Michael Brewster 6-5/300 Orlando Fla
    OT-Mike Adams 6-7/300 Dublin Oh
    OT-JB Shuggarts 6-7/310 Klein Tx
    WR- DeVier Posey 6-3/190 Cincinnatti Oh,
    MLB- Andrew Sweat 6-2/233 Washington PA
    WR-Jacob Stoneburner 6-4/220 Dublin Oh
    RB-Devoe Torrence 6-1/220 Massillon Oh
    DT-Garrett Goebel 6-4/270 Lombard IL
    DE-Nathan Williams 6-4/245 Washington Ch Oh
    RB-Lamaar Thomas 5-10/180 Ft Washington MD
    K-Ben Buchanan 6-0/185 Westerville Oh
    TE-Nick Dilllo 6-5/245 Madison Oh
    CB-Travis Howard 6-1/170 Miami Fla

    Word is that Terrell Pryor(#1 QB in the nation) helped to recruit Lamaar Thomas, Pryor has yet to commit but there is speculation that he's helping to recruit a great class for OSU before he commits during the Army All-American Game. A source close to Thomas said that Pryor was urging Thomas to go to OSU.

    Other Probrable commits include...
    OG-Josh Jenkins 6-3/300 Parkerburg WV
    DT-Willie Mobley 6-2/260 Eden Prairie Minn
    WR-Cordale Scott 6-3/200 Cleveland Oh
    *DT-Shawntel Rowell 6-2/320 Cleveland Oh

    *Tressel wants Shawntel to get closer to 300lbs before he extends an offer
    Rowell was around 350 at summer camps.

  3. Getting Pryor would be great. I heard he will be at the game this weekend vs Wisconsin. I hope the Bucks keep up the intensity and just manhandle ole Bucky!
  4. Another plus would be his basketbvall skills. He is good enough to get a basketball scholarship from Matta which would save Tressel a scholarship.
  5. Very true, him being able to play basketball in a good program like OSU's may just be the ticket to sealing the deal.
  6. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. Any player on the official football roster at the end of fall camp AND on an althetic scholarship (be it a football, basketball, baseball, or whatever sport scholarship) is counted towards the football team's scholarship limit. On the otherhand someone on a football scholarship can play basketball, run track etc and NOT count toward the basketball or track teams scholarship limit. Strange but that's the way it works.

    From my understanding, some schools (*cough*SWAC*cough*SEC*cough*) used to use scholarships in sports other than football to exceed the allowed football scholarship numbers so this rule was imposed quite a while ago.

    I used to follow recuiting pretty intensely back in the Cooper days but since Tressel and Matta have taken over at tOSU recruiting isn't as much fun...they're doing such a good job of getting quality players and developing talent that I just figure whoever they sign up will be good.

  7. Hope that we can land Pryor. But guys, how come nobody is talking about the stomping of Penn State Sat? A beautiful thing. I know that the team up north is the big one, but around here beating the ***** cats is almost on the same level. All that I heard around here when the kitty cats came into the big 10 was that Jo Pa is going to show the big ten how football is played, he"ll own the big ten, "etc, etc. Well my math might be a bit off on this one but since PSU came into the big ten, I think 1993 OSU is 7-0 in the shoe while they have won 3 in happy valley, might off by a year or so but I think that this has OSU up 10 games to 5. Correct me if I"m wrong. GO BUCKS.
  8. This is not to correct your numbers. I didn't find anything that pertained to the results since PSU entered the conference but here is the overall series numbers.

    I was also very impressed with the Buckeyes performance on Saturday night for the most part. Their offense continues to improve and I really like the way they spread the offense to a lot of guys. I think right now it would be a difficult task to scheme an attack against them as there are so many threats. And they now seem to be adding a good tight end attack as well. Boeckman played a very good game with really only one poor pass into coverage.

    The defense continues to play very well. I was a bit concerned at times as they seemed to be giving up large chunks to the running game but they seemed to make the necessary adjustments to shut it down. I still think that if anyone is going to mount a consistent attack against them it would be through the running attack.
  9. I think KWilson's purpose for this thread was not so much for the weekly game comments but for the recruiting aspect. As far as that goes, I would say that the future is looking very bright. They have an awesome group of offensive linemen coming in. I don't know a whole lot about the other positions but if they land Pryor that would be a big one. He is really being sought after so hopefully if he comes he can be the real deal.
  10. The purpose of the thread was for OSU football and basketball I just decided to inform everyone on the our 08 recruiting class with my second post.

    Alter- Your right Pryor would boost Matta's 08 class but would count as a football scholarship.

    Speaking of Matta's 08 class
    C- BJ Mullens 7-0/255 Canal Winchester, OH -National pos. rank #2
    SG-William Buford 6-4/180 Toledo , OH - National pos. rank #3
    PG-Anthony Crater 6-1/165 Wolfeboro, NH - National pos. rank #8
    SG-Walter Offutt 6-3/175 Indianapolis ,IN - National pos. rank #29

    Probable commits
    PF-Kevin Jones 6-8/195 Mount Vernon, NY - National pos. rank #12
    SF-Terrelle Pryor 6-6/215 Jeanette, PA -National pos. rank #10

    Pryor would be playing both football and basketball but as stated earlier would be under the football scholarship count. Terrelle isnt even considering programs that wont let him participate in both.
  11. OSU's 09 football recruits to date

    MLB-Jordan Whiting 6-0/220 Louisville, KY
    MLB-Storm Klein 6-3/220 Newark, OH

    Others really interested in attending OSU
    WR-Chris Fields 6-0/190 Painesville OH
    OG-Ricky Harris 6-2/305 Westerville OH
    ILB-Adam Homan 6-2/230 Coldwater OH
    SLB-Will Studlien 6-2/220 Sunbury OH
    OT-Marcus Hall 6-5/295 Cleveland OH
    DT-Johnny Simon 6-3/255 Youngstown OH
  12. Saturday at noon, What are your predictions?
  13. I look for the Bucks to continue where they left off last Saturday with the balanced attack. Beanie will get his 100+, well over it if they need it. Boeckman will get several receivers involved again and had another solid game. The defense will shut Donovan down at QB and Hill will get around 100 yards mostly because that will be their only success.

    Bucks 34

    Badgers 13
  14. I see BKR is attempting to steal my prediction from last week's PSU game .:p OK-he's 3 points off but I think he's close on this one. Having Bucky at home is a huge advantage, as Madison is a tough place to play at home. I don't see their a D as being quite as tough as PSU, but OSU did play a great game offensively in (un)Happy Valley. Looks like it will be football weather in Columbus this Saturday. Watch for Beanie to have another big day and the Boeckman to Robiskie/Hartline/Small/Nicol/Ballard connection to stay hot. Maybe Marcus Freeman can get a few tackles this week! ;-)

    Buckeyes 37
    Badgers 16

  15. Yeah, he really stole the spotlight from Laurinaitis.:eek:
  16. Bucks 30
    Badgers 10

    I am thinking that at home the run defense should be a little more stout and Laurinaitis should be more effective than last week. P.J. Hill gets 80 yds.