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Off to test the Ladue ramps....

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Zanini, May 25, 2004.

  1. Hi all,

    It seems my westbranch trip has been moved to Ladue. That's fine with me, but the ramp by 44 still makes me nervous. Has anyone been there lately?

    How is the fishing? I've always fished the North end of the lake, but this time I plan to go south. Any advice is welcome. :)


  2. I haven't tried the 44 ramp since I almost got stuck there earlier in the year. The 422 ramp is in terrible shape, & I've been launching on the old road bed when I go out. Either way I would recommend pushing the boat off the trailer. South of 44 theres some downed trees in the second bay on the west shore. That's a good place to start the search. Good luck with the ramp.

  3. Paul



    When are you going out to Ladue? I would like to know a little bit about the ramp situation also. I have a 16' deep V and this sounds like trouble. Are they renovating the 422 ramp or something? It always seemed fine in the past.

  4. The ramp was fine last year. However they decided to add 4" gravel to the concrete ramp. THis created a big problem because you all different tire ruts in the gravel from other people getting stuck. If you don't have a 4wd I would not even try the ramp. I've been launching on the old road bed. You have to back halfway across the lake to get deep enough to get the boat off, but it's better than getting pulled out of the ramp.
  5. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    Went last night I also have a 16ft deep V and had no problems at all, but as mentioned above I have 4wd. Saw a Ford Ranger spinning like crazy trying to pull out a little trailer. Fishing was good, went for Bass and the first 4 fish we caught were Pike, only one had any size though measured in at a hair under 30". Good luck
  6. Wow.. what a night.

    7 keeper bass in the boat, and I wasn't the only one. My buddies caught bass, a few walleye, and a few crappie over 10 inches as well. I fished south of 422 on both shores. My fish came on plastic worms and a white buzz bait. I also hit 2 white bass, and a small crappie on the troll. All three fish came after I jerked the rods that were towing small crank baits.

    The ramps are usable, but there are dangers to watch out for. I tow with a pontiac GrandAM so backing halfway across the lake to launch is not a great option. For that matter, neither is having the trailer wheels drop of the gravel cliff so the trailer bottoms out. This time I used the gravel side, backed down until the boat was wet, and then pushed it off. The water is refreshing! Recovering is about the same drill. Get the trailer wet and then winch the boat on.

    Good fishin!
  7. Paul



    Sounds like an excellent night of fishing. I take it you launched off 422 ramps.

  8. That's correct. I used the gravel side... very carefully.
  9. I fish in the same league as Zanini and there were 24 keeper Bass, 3 crappie and 2 Walleye caught last night between 9 guys. Good night was had by most of the members. I caught 4 Bass about 30 yards off shore by the coves down by the damn on a black buzz bait and one on a crank bait up against the rocks at the damn. I caught the walleye and crappie trolling a small Hot n' Tot. For me the bass seem to be away from the shore out next to the weed beds. I used the old road bed to launch but had to go out a long way due to I have a deep V Seanymph.

    ParmaBass when did you catch those Pike? I have always heard they were in the lake but have never seen or caught one from there.

    Hawg Hunter
  10. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    Caught the Pike Tuesday night around 6pm. I've caught Pike before in LaDue but never 4 in a matter of a couple hours. All came on a spinnerbait.
  11. I caught 2 back to back the other day that looked like the same fish. Problem is, I released the first one next to the boat and casted far to hook the second one. Both brothers.
  12. Went out Thursday night. We were trolling tube jigs looking for crappie & caught 1 bass & lost a big bass. The 4 lb. test line just didn't hold up. Couldn't find the crappie honey hole & didn't want to motor south of 422 with the weather report, so we concentrated on bluegill & caught a mess of them with twister tails & tubes.
  13. How do you troll a tube jig? Do you put a big wieght on the line to keep it down? Doesn't the line get twisted really badly? Very curious.

    Also, what kind of tubes do you fish for crappie? Are they tiny ( 1/2 - 1 inch long)? I always use tiny jigs or small in-line spinners.

  14. These are 1 1/2" tube jigs from SOuthern pro. Just put it on a 1/32 oz jig head. It doesn't twist. Cast it out & troll the 5-10 foot depths. An excellent way to find crappie.
  15. :) About 1 1/2" long white or chartreuse curly tails also work well either cast or slow trolled. Sometimes a little heavier jighead is needed if they are down lower. Crappies like to bite upward so too heavy is not good. Speed is an important factor. I like to go slow enough to just tick the weed tops.

    I haven't tried tubes yet for crappie. I'll have to look for some small ones next time I'm in a tackle shop. Always like to learn new tricks. This dog's not too old yet!
  16. Pike seem to be pretty thick in their for some reason this year. Caught a mess last weekend.
  17. I saw two trucks get stuck in the 422 ramp this morning before the tournament. A Ford and a Dodge had to get towed out by a Chevy. :D :D That was the highlight of my day until I caught a 3.7 pound largemouth at about noon, then a 10 pound carp (a surprise on a jig n pig!) at about 1:30.
  18. AndroDoug

    AndroDoug Duke of Bucketmouth

    Yeah, that was funny! Both those trucks were side by side, taking up the whole ramp! They were just spinning their one wheel, getting deeper! It is almost kinda funny how you can spend maybe $25,000 on a truck and it not be worth crap for launching a boat! Both those trucks were nice looking new ones.

    And about the pike... I latched on to about a 7-8 pounder on Sat. I was SO disapointed when I realized what it was! I was fighting it and I was thinking "Oh my goodness! This is a $200 big bass!!" We got it to the boat and my partner was about to net it, then it was like all enthusiasm exhaled out of us... not a bass, dam!!! We coulda used that weight, it would have put us in the money.
  19. In years past I have never seen anyone get stuck at the 422 launch ramp. After they fixed it if you don't have 4wd theres a good chance you will get stuck. Why did they fix it?
  20. They didn't fix it...they broke it. :rolleyes: Doug, I know what you mean about the pike, when I caught that carp, I thought I had another bass like the 3.7 I caught earlier. They felt alike, and I've never caught a carp on a jig n pig before.