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Of all things to happen

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by getinjiggy, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. Ok Im at my favorite fishin hole, and I put my rod between my legs to light a smoke( I know there bad ), but as I was lighting it mind you, my twistertail was dangling in the water. Sure enough something hit it, and pulled it right out of between my legs. New rod/reel gone that fast. I went back to the house and got my lure retiever, and did get it back. There was a 1# smallie on the other end. Now if this is how my luck is going to be this weekend I'm staying home!! Glenn
  2. had a pole jerked out of a boat once kind of like that and got it back also with a smallie on it... hmnmnmn same fish maybe?

  3. EE


    a matter of perspective....I'd say your luck was positive, since you were not only able to get your rod/reel back, but had a fish on!

    same thing (sort of, minus the fish) happened to my son and I at Alum Creek, he was 5 and dropped his pole in the water...... that place has tons of snags and holes and my obvious thought was 'there's no chance I'll get that back'........but he wanted me to try so we trolled with a big treble hook through the area for 15-20 minutes and we somehow hooked his 4lb line and bit by bit, gently pulled his first fishing pole ever back up from the bottom.......was a miracle.
  4. my step daughter was grounded and was forced to go with my son and i fishing. she was hating it. she wore a bathing suit because if she was forced to go fishing, she might as well work on her tan. she was 16 and could wear a two piece suit well. teenage boys appeared out of every where and nowhere to assit her fishing efforts. as she was sitting on a dock with two boys and an old cheapo pole, she shifted around and knocked her pole in to the drink. before i could say, never mind, it's a junk pole, both boys jumped in and rescued the pole. dawn always went with us to buckeye lake after that, and i still have that lousey pole.
  5. hahahaa boys will be boys & like I tell my daughters
    can't be trusted... I should know I was one ;)
  6. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    i have storage/gun boxes on both sides of my low, and usually set a rod down on them when neede. untill i opened onew up and tossed out a brand new rod n reel by the mouth of the rocky river . fished for it for about an hour , unsucsessfully ,i might add.