of all days to not have a camera

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    Went to the pond at about 11AM to see if I could get one of those late season hawg bass. Decided to give the Vib "E" a shot since I've had luck with cold weather bass on blade baits in the past. On the first cast I hooked something real big but lost it after about 2 seconds. Threw my second cast in the same spot and it felt like a Mack Truck hit the thing. After about 5 minutes of fighting the fish I was saying "please be a bass, please be a bass". The fight dragged on for at least 10 minutes before I even saw a swirl on top of the water. I was using the St. Croix PS60MF with the Fin Nor Lite S100 spooled with 8lb Rapala Finesse line. This fish nearly spooled me. Had to have taken 50 or 60 yards of line out in a big hurry. Basically, it stripped line almost to the far end of the pond. I started chasing it just to pick up some line in the spool. The fight lasted about 15-17 minutes and when I finally got it to shore I had a 25lb+ common carp hooked in the very end of the tail. Not what I was looking for, but it gave me one of the best fights I've ever had.
    For anyone out there who has never used a Fin Nor spinning reel, I strongly urge you to give them a try. The drag was really put to the test today. It's extremely smooth and has the SWEETEST sound you'll ever hear. It was my favorite reel before today and now I can say its the best I've ever owned.
    Can't believe I forgot to grab my camera
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    I have owned 2 fin nor reels myself (spinning), and agree, they are outstanding reels. I'll take one over a Shimano any day.