ODNR website: Fishing Reports and Prospects 08

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  1. Do you know if they have released any prospects for the lakes?

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    That's a relatively detailed web page. I don't know that I have seen that in the past. Though, generally speaking, if you wait for the ODNR report on when/where the fish are biting you will end up a dollar short and a day late every time!

    Oh yeah, this might be a good time for our favorite discussion topic of hook in mouth by "inside out" or "outside in" and the many fines that abound.

  3. Yea Baby! I'll play. I have never, nor any credible person that I would trust has ever personally seen someone get ticketed for outside in. It's always "my buddy said" or "this one guy told me" kind of thing. I have personally talked to the head DNR officer up there and others as well have too. Eveyone has been told the same thing for the most part, "that the DNR has real problems to focus on, and that they couldn't tell if they wanted too". I can't count how many times every year I see someone snag one in the cheek, gill plate, eyeball, or nostril and keep it. Then 10 minutes later get pulled out of the water and ticketed for it, only to raise Holy Hell claiming that it was hooked outside in. In reality, that fish is way different than an outside in hooked fish. An outside in fish actually bites the jig by the head with the hook still outside on the lip, then when you set the hook, Bam, outside in.

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