ODNR Pheasant Releases

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by buckeyeguy, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. I see that the ODNR is releasing some birds on Wednesday at Berlin. It says they are going to release them in the afternoon. Does anyone know what time they do this? I am assuming they do this at dusk to let them spread a little, but I know what they say about assuming things. I'm off on Wednesday and think it would be pretty cool to try for one for Friday's dinner.
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    i have a buddy who has went to the grand giver on thanksgiving morning to hunt them the day after a release. said it was a crazy mad house out there and this was before the internet became popular, so im sure even more people will know about the releasing.

  3. been to pleasant valley for thanksgiving release a couple times.Its basicly people lining up from one side of a field to the other 5 yards apart.As an added bonus you get groups who will start at a 90 degree angle and push across the field right in front of you.Or the latecomers who fall in and push about 50 yards behind the line.Ive been hit with shot on two occasions.Luckily I was far enough away that it didnt even break the skin.
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    This topic has come up before....I've been to Caesar's Creek and to call it a madhouse is an understatement. I saw a guy running and firing while chasing a pheasant. I plan to be far away from all that craziness this year.