Odd thing I found at Spencer Lake

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    An odd thing I found today(actually Wednesday), yet very curious. Everyone knows, or has an idea of, what a fish looks like after it been in a catfishes stomach for a little while. Partially digested. I found a bass at the edge that looked like it had been puked up after being partially digested. The skin was intact, but all white (color drained from it) and all the scales were gone. Eyeballs were gone and the fins were partially gone. Otherwise the fish was whole. The curious thing is what might have swallow it. My best guess would be a catfish. That would lead me to believe that there is at least one big cat in Spencer because the bass weighed almost 5# when I weighed it today. How big of a fish would it take to swallow a 4-5# bass whole?
  2. i have seen some biggg channel cats come out of spencer. it is a sleeper lake as far as i'm concerned. there are some nice fish in it if you know when and how to fish it.

  3. I've read reports and have also seen,bass with a bass halfway down their throat that have died,because of the size.I'm only talking like a 15" with a 10 or 12 stuck in it,but it's very possible this happened with a larger bass.You may also be right with the cat,any flatties in there?normally You won't see a channel go for something that large,regardless of their size,but could have been very hungry.My guess though,if hungry enough a 15# channel would give it an effort,and possibly why it was regurgitated.
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    I have no evidence of Flatheads being in the lake, but who knows for sure.
  5. Was this on the stumpless side? I was down there last week end and
    saw what looked like bass frozen belly side up in the ice. two of them.
    right by the floating pier.
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    It was on the north side (stumpless) but about halfway between the east parking lot and the floating dock.
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    I caught a flathead about seven years ago at Mosquito. I guestimated its weight to be in the high 40 pound bracket. When I had the fish about four feet from the boat, it opened its mouth to the size of a basketball. I thought it was going to take a bite out of my boat. All of a sudden, it spit out a walleye that had to weigh four to five pounds. All of the skin on the walleye was gone, and it was pure white from nose to tail.

    Maybe the 'blackhats' aren't the only ones to blame for the lack of decent walleyes in Mosquito.
  8. thats a fungus fish get when the water is cold, i havnt seen it in bass before but i know they can get it. it has probably been a while and thats why it looks regurgitated, the cold water keeps them from decomposing very fast. that and if there is a flathead eating right now its not eating anything large. its a neat theory and i know that 40lb flaties will eat somthing over 5lbs if the chance happends but not in feb.
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    I have fished Spencer all my life and the biggest cats Ive ever pulled out of there were about 30" Channels. Never saw a flattie come out of there. I heard some old guy say there used to be pike in there though.
  10. Don't know about pike but there were some darn good sized chain pickerel back in the 50's and 60's. Saw a whole bunch of dead ones along with some very large bass when the dam let go in the 60's. Some of those bass were in the five to six pound bracket. Unlike today, there wasn't that much pressure on Spencer back in the 50's and fish had a chance to grow fairly large. The largest bass I ever caught out of Spencer was four pounds about six years ago. I don't believe the State stocked pickerel again after the dam was rebuilt.