odd ice???

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  1. went to a private pond today 1/15 drilled three holes in three different spots on the pond there was a 2inch layer of ice then a inch of slush then about 3 inches of ice again. i assume this was from all the rain we got then it got cold and froze the top.... i didn't like the situation so i decided to not fish there any opinions on the safety of this ice... the top layer was clear and the bottom layer asa a little cloudy but you can see through it
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    The water between layers of ice is caused by the insulation effect of the snow.The cold weather cannot penetrate the snow to get to the ice below it.The snow acts like a blanket and traps the heat underneath or does the same as clothes do to a person, it keeps the heat in and the cold out.It's not a good thing if you like to ice fish...........Mark

  3. Icebucketjohn...Posted last night he ventured out on Mogadore..and found the same kind of ice conditions....Jim...
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    bassmaster is right.

    first formed: then about 3 inches of ice again (this was the ice formed first weeks ago)

    secondary formation: there was a 2inch layer of ice then a inch of slush (this is the snow that is getting wet and converting to ice)

    i personally am extremely wary of these kinds of conditions.
  5. I went to a farm pond last year and it was only my second time ever ice fishing and the first time venturing out without someone with more experience than myself. I stepped on to the pond about 10 to check the ice before venturing farther and then allowing my boys to come out. I figured it had to be pretty good as we had frigid weather leading up to this. There was a bit of snow cover along the edges which must have insulated the surface. I knew it was not deep enough to go in more than about 2-3' if I went at that point. However I was still freaked out when the ice gave away and dropped. Lucky for me it only dropped a couple of inches onto the solid ice. As it turned out there was a thin layer of bad ice up top, maybe an 1.5", then a pocket underneath that of a couple of inches before getting to the main ice that was about 10" in that area. On out on the pond it was a good 10-12" or more everywhere. From my minimal experience I can say that it takes a bit of learning the ice forming tendencies and understanding the body of water that you are on to be able to speculate on whether there may be any good ice and where. But the bottom line is as everyone here mentioned to be safe and have all the necessary safety gear. Also, you should have someone with you to be able to help you out of a bad situation especially when initially testing the ice. I had my boys on the shore and they had a rope.
  6. FYI: When I was coming off Nimisila yesterday morning (Thursday, 01/15), the ice gave out at the shoreline & I ended up with a wet foot.

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