October is breast cancer awareness month

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  1. It just so happens that my child bride of the last 24 years is a cancer survivor. We celebrated her 5 year cancer free anniversary last week. I took her to Jeff Ruby's resturant in downtown Cincinnati. The staff treated her like a queen for a day.

    Early detection is the key to surviving...
  2. Awesome. That is such an accomplishment for both of you! Getting ready to celebrate my 3rd year of being cancer free this February. It was a battle but waking up every morning next to my wife and seeing my kids before going in for treatments gave me the strength to go everyday for 4 months straight. I WOULD HAVE NOT MADE IT IF IT WAS NOT FOR MY FAMILY!
    To repeat what Chadwimc said, early detection is key!!
    Mine started as testicular cancer. I am now 31. So young guys, make sure to do your monthly exam! You really will not notice a whole lot of other signs at first. If you do not check yourself, do a google search for "self testicular exam" for instructions. It sounds strange at first to do this but could save your life (as it did in my case). If you feel something strange, go to the doc! Don't be embarased. What is embarassing is if you finally do go to the doctor and he tells you that you have stage 3 cancer and it is spreading and you have known about it for 2 months. Trust me on this one.

  3. Congrats to both of you.A close family friend has been cancer free,Breast,for 20 years.
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    Congratulations on the milestone - for both of you! Your wife looks great!

    Cousin is 11 years out, Mom is 10 years out and my best friend at 42yo just ran a triathalon to celebrate her five year. You're right - early detection, family support and knowing your own body can make all the difference when battling this disease.
  5. My mom is nearing 10 years and I have an aunt that is in her first few months of chemo so it has been a big part of our lives as well. Thanks for the reminder of the Awareness Month. Also, congratulations to your wife for her 5 year anniversary. She looks great and nobody would have a clue that she had been through so much just 5 years ago. It is truly worth celebrating.
  6. That picture is absolutely priceless. Thank you for sharing. As of today my wife just finished her 6th and final round of chemo, although not breast cancer, but ovarian and uterin cancer. Prognosis is excellent. Once again, congrats to your wife.
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    Just found out my wifes sister has breast cancer.Could be very bad, but hopefully not.My sister in law went every two years or so for a check up. But this killer still got her. Nice to hear some good stories guys and gals, about survivors. catking.....;)