October 20th Alum Fall Open

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  1. OMBTT is having a open on 10/20. You can get our entry off Ohio Bass Angler.com. We will be paying back 71% of the anglers entrys and 100% of the big bass money.The remaining 29% goes to the Ohio Mega Bass Tournament Trail for expenses such as Feeding our anglers after each tournament printing ect. Remeber to look at OMBTT we pay back 100% of the anglers entrys and side pots! How can you go wrong!

    Thanks Jami Norman
  2. Dont forget this tournament! The fishing is kinda slow now it should be on fire by then. Jami Norman

  3. I forgot to tell everyone we messed up on the number of bass allowed for the 20th. It is a 5 fish limit just like all other ombtt events. Our spring open we had 21 boats and it paid as follows 1st 650 2cd 300 3rd 153 and bb 200.00
    I expect the numbers to be higher this tournament. I have been putting allot of time on the water and they are really starting to turn on. Last week with the 90 degree weather they got goofy for me. I expect some real big bass to be weighed inn on the 20th. There is another open on the 27th as well I believe it is bait.
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    The bait fish should start to respond to the cooling temps real soon so we know what that means . BIG BASS time ! Dont miss out on some of the best action that you will see all season long in the central Ohio area . Mid October - late November brings out not only the HAWGS but good numbers as well . See everyone there . :)
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    Just dropped the registration in the mail this morning for my neighbor and me. How many boats so far??