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ocean fishing suggestions.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by crappielooker, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    ok.. heres the deal.. i have an access near where i work that is a long rockwall.. going straight into the ocean out about 4 miles.. the deepest part is deep enough to float the big cargo ships.. during my last look around i saw several groups of baitfish being snacked on by something on the surface.. right by the rocksthe water was so clear i saw them come up from the rocks and inhaled the baitfish.. i also see non schooling baitfish swimming around but nothing went after them.. weird..
    whatever chases those baitfish, i want to catch them.. what should i do?? what should i use? livebait is almost non existance around there..
  2. A silver spoon or a red/white or chartruse/white buck-tail jig is hard to beat in saltwater.

    Find fish that are feeding, don't run em over with the boat cuz they'll usually spook. Cast around the edges of the breaking fish....let the spoon or jig sink for a few seconds then start reeeling as fast as you can. Hold on tight....saltwater fish fight like CRAZY. If you get cut off a couple times theres a good chance your dealing with toothy critters...this can be solved by using 6-8 inches of wire leader.

  3. How 'bout using a throw net to catch the bait. After you catch them, hook 'em up and throw them out and see what's eating them.
  4. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    secure several treble hooks to a cat and chuck it out in the tide.
  5. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    geee.. thanks for YOUR suggestion mitch.. :D
  6. willy

    willy no boat

    Hey crappie looker that situation sounds to me exactly like fishing the shoreline on lake erie or the rivers I grew up fishing around here for small mouth, crappie and rock bass. My "go-to" has always been plastic jigs in one form or another, they can copy pretty much anything in plastics these days. Back in the day for the farm ponds i always did great with rooster tails (all metal inline spinner with rooster feathers tied on the treble hook at the end) but in the rivers and lake erie shoreline around the rocks I would loose one about every 3 casts getting it snagged up in the rocks so I tried using bucktails and then plastic jigs and never looked back (there was only a few companies offering them back then). They are inexpensive compared to spinners and because of the design of the jigheads you wont get snagged up nearly as much and they have great action to mimic a live creature.
    I dont know if you have ever heard of them but picture a single hook with a small sinker or split shot molded onto it just behind the hook eye designed so the hook point rides pointing up \o___) sort of like that, then you put on a plastic jig "body" and cast it out and try different retrieves until you find what works for your situation. there are unlimited types of retrieves depending on what your fishing for but one of the best things about the design is that you can retrieve it slow and bounce it off the rocks to get the attention of the fish that are holding close to or in the rocks for cover and because the hook point rides in the "up" position the head bounces off the rocks/cover making noise to attract attention but doesnt get snagged up nearly as much. after catching a few fish if the plastic body gets chewed up just pull it off the jig and put on another one or pull it off and try another type of body or color on the jig if your not having any luck (take the old plastics out with your trash - dont toss them in the water please). I dont know if you have anything like that available to you but there is always the internet to look for them.
    If you cant get any then take a single hook, add a splitshot to it just behind the eye of the hook, if you dont have a splitshot then wrap bare wire around the hook shaft just behind the eye to build up a small ball to weight the head of the jig then tie some feathers, string, tinsel or whatever you have behind it - now you have your own homemade jig and anything you catch with it will be five times bigger better and sweeter because YOU made your lure that you caught it with 8)
    p.s. by the way, if it gets snapped off or you snag it, it will sting at least a hundred times more too...
  7. I still have them 3 kittens I can send ya :D
  8. Fishpro

    Fishpro Northcoast Madman

    What kind of tackle can you get over ther Ak? Try jigs with large plastics or jerkbaits(Rapalas). You could try to catch the baitfish on small jigs, then throw them out there on a plain hook. Whatever you catch, I want to see some pictures!:B :D
  9. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    fishpro.. i can get pretty much anything and then some over here.. i just have to pick what i take over there.. lol
    thanks for tips dooods... keep them coming..
  10. If the fish are crashing bait you can't beat large poppers from 4-8" for color start red/white. These worked great in south Florida for big jacks, snook, and baracuda during finger mullet runs.
  11. Try silver Hopkins spoons or any other jigging spoon. Try to match the size of the baitfish. Cast past them and jerk-stop-reel, jerk-stop-reel through the school. The spoon flutters down like it's been hit and has always worked for me.

  12. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    i was thinking some kind of surface lure. but, the spoon is very hard to beat in saltwater. we used to nail blue runners cast after cast off a pier in norfolk, va when the runners had the feed bag on. we would just wait until we saw the runners chasing baitfish(breaking surface) and cast over that and pull it thru.WHAM!
  13. Sounds more like Bluefish than blue runners. Blue runners are a baitfish. A heck of a fun time, none-the-less.
  14. How the heck R U doing man?

    As you know I grew up 3 blocks from the ocean in Massachusets. We fished Saltwater everyday from March to November. If you want to do something "fast" then try to buy the LARGE, (8" TO 10") Atom Plugs in the red and white color. If you can get them there. If not, then order them from Bass Pro or Cabelas. We used them consistently while I was growing up. Use them with 60lb test lightweight line with a 3ft. long, 80lb steel leader.

    NOW, if you want to have some real fun, make this up if you can.

    Take a 2ft length of 1/2" surgical tubing, run an 80 lb test steel leader, with swivels on each end, down the center. NOW,,,Every 6" make a slit in the tubing and attach a hook, as you can see in the link,

    You can put a couple of crimps in the leader with a crimmping tool or pliers at each slit, (so the hook won't slide anywhere).

    NOW, on the end of the tubing place an appropriate size weight depending on how rough the water is and how far you want to cast it out and retrieve it fast.

    NOW!! Don't be fooled here, personally I use a little bit of a lighter weight if the baitfish are up close to the top. I use a fast retrieve keeping the bait about 1ft below the surface and sometimes "skipping" it across the top on the retrieve.

    Hope you have a blast my friend and remember to hang on tight. They don't let go of the surgical tubing because they think it is an eel.
    Don't get dragged of the rocks big boy.:eek:

  15. Bluefish:

    Blue Runner:
  16. If they are crashing on the surface go with a saltwater grade Rapala X-Rap. I was using them down in NC and killing the bluefish feeding on mullet. I would also try and 1/4oz-1oz jig with a 5" twister tail, 1/2oz-2oz spoons, and any sized bucktails. When saltwater fish are attacking bait they dont seem to be real picky, if it looks like food they will hit it.

  17. Frenzied bluefish on a school of mullet would eat a banana with a hook in it.

    The chaos and carnage of a bluefish blitz is unrivaled in the animal kingdom. I've seen massive schools of hundreds of thousands of mullet strand themselves on the beach trying to get away from the persuing blues (also in NC). They are voracious predators that serve 2 purposes on eat and reproduce. They'll get on a school of mullet, feed until they regurgatate then feed some more and repeat. An all out bluefish blitz is truely a fantastic sight.

    On the other hand, I've seen huge schools of balckfin tuna and bonita crashing the surface and gorging themselves of massive balls of bait however they wouldn't eat ANYTHING that we presented to them. Some days you get em, some days u don't.
  18. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    your right. now that i saw the pic, blues are what we called them. blue runners we caught with rod and reel but they were used as bait. in my defense that was over 20 years ago and thousands and thousands of beers:p
  19. :D

    Easily confused...especially since you'll ofter hear conversations like this:

    A - "How's the fishing @ Cape Point?"

    B - "The blues are running."

    A - "Great....I'll be down this weekend."