OCBS on the Rock today

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by saintmathew, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. It was a good day for just about everyone who fished the Fall half of the OCBS Tournament Series, although we have not heard much from anyone on the east side. I did hook and land one real nice fish. I was kind of disappointed since we were on the Rock most of the day and I only got the one. I was even more disapointed because I could not realese the Buck due to the fact he took a huge beating and was bleeding real bad. I won't say how long or heavy it was, cause I don't care to brag about it. I landed it in a spot I will be checking often and fishing out of next weekend with the L&D Derby. Is anyone else fishing that?

    After some depression coming over me over not being able to release this beautiful fish, I went my own way and decided I was going to just check that one fish in and forget about the Tourney and find some solitude upstream, by myself and my fly rod. I picked up a new long cast rhythm that was so sweet. I so enjoy solitary and I am glad I checked out on my own. I was not in the competing mood today.

    Later, we got to chill and relax and Erie Outfitters, after checking in, and talk about the day. I felt a really peaceful spirit today and thought alot about my grandfather who taught me how to tie flies, fish, and whatnot. I missed him. Okay, this is getting mushy.

    Oh, and I did want to say there was this guy who was kind of slow who fishes the Rock a lot. People were making fun of him and he seemed to not even mind. I really am disturbed by some people who fish this river, those who have no respect for the sport of others. Anyway, I got to know this guy pretty good and give him a holler if you see him down there. I found today some people just really love to be happy and to make others happy. This is the essence of Steelhead fishing, having fun.....

    Great day. :)