obtaining a permit for red fox

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  1. a friend called me to see if i could find out where he can get a permit to own a red fox i looked everyplace i could think of online but can't find much so i was hoping that someone on here could help!i'm not even sure if it is legal to have one but he is convinced to get one.his father had one when he was a kid and he wants to get anouther one!!
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    Call DNR, there is a permit to hold them for the collection of urine. But have to release them or skin them at the end of the season. I think it's called propagaters(sp) lic. , But as for a pet, I don't think so.

  3. Call ur local game warden if u r talking wild fox,I think if u buy one from a person who raises them they can take care of it.
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    1 800 wildlif...is the #
  5. i'm not sure where it is comming from to be honest....but i think it is a cool idea i never thought of having one around but after talking to him it sounds interresting and i myself would like to see how it turns out.......but thanks for the info i'm sure it will get figured out

    ......just one more thing if you can have them to collect urine then i would believe you could keep them as pets cause if you think about it that fox you have to collect is gonna become depended on you to feed them and use to humens and will just be killed after letting them go by a humen!
  6. I bought an Arctic fox a few years back. The guy I got it from gave me a form to fill out and send in to register it. Had to pay $30 I think it was. The are neat as pets but let me warn you if you plan to keep one indoors they like to tear things up. They also like to make big fluffy dens out of the wifes new comforter on the bed. Needless to say she was not at all impressed by the critters handy work. ;)
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    I had 9 Red Fox pups playing in my field the other day.
    I walked within 20 yards of them before they bailed for their den in a groundhog hole.
    Pretty neat to see.
    I will have to call the trapper.