Oberlin Reservoir "Somthin fishy"

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  1. I know its not just me, but Oberlin reservoir has been a big disapointment. I talked to a couple of guys back in Febuary that had a water cam and said the bottom was littered with a bunch of dead shad. I have been fishing it twice a week for the last 6 weeks and caught nothing, not even a bite. I have been catching fish at other places, so there seems to be somthing wrong with this picture. I have talked to several other people fishing there and they said the same thing, NOTHING! NOT A BITE! Is it possible somthing has depressed the fishing in the Oberlin reservoir?????
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    Shad kill offs on almost any lake.... is a common thing that anglers come across in the spring, after ice off....carp too....... in shallow lake systems, winter kill of other species can happen, with severe winter conditions...ie....lots of snow and extreme ice thickness.....If you are that alarmed......and have talked to others that feel the same way......be a watch-dog.......and give the ODNR in your area, a heads up and see what information they might have for you.... Jon Sr.

  3. no walleyes out of the southwest corner???????
  4. I have been there a couple of times as well w/ no bites. I used have some success w/ the crappie, but nothing this year. I pulled a couple fish OHIO as recently as last year. I will try it again and post any results.
  5. have you tried the other two on morgan street yet this year?
  6. I grew up in oberlin and started fishing parson's religiously when I was 16. I would catch about 20-30 crappie an evening with a bonus walleye or 2 almost every night on rooster tails. My success continued up untill two years ago. I would go every day after work and soak my line for a couple hours without a single bite. I only go there once in awhile now, but I still haven't caught anything in over 2 years.
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    It's definately changed. You almost have to go every day for a month to catch that one day when everything aligns and you can catch a fish or two.
  8. that sounds like its time to find a new fishin hole:confused:
  9. Just a little update...finally decided to try my luck in the rain today. My girlfriend caught a nice fat 12 inch perch in the first five minutes. This was only her 3rd time fishing there, and I was 10 times as excited as she was. First fish I've seen caught there in forever and it was a perch, also a first. Ten minutes later I got a 14 inch walleye. Not much happened after that, I hooked into another small walleye before we left but it spit it back out right at the rocks. This would of been a bad couple hours of fishing any other place, but I can't wait to go back and try again.
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    I stopped at Oberlin on Friday. I had a couple of hours to kill in the area and had never been to the Oberlin or Wellington Reservoirs. The day looked great for fishing, but I only saw 1 shore fisherman (who was definitely getting some action with bait and bobber), and 1 boat that didn't seem to be doing much. Pretty much the same story at Wellington.

    As I say, I'm not familiar with these two lakes - kind of hard to read given the shape and lack of obvious structure. Are they just big dishes? Any depth or deepwater structure?
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    Oberlin is a big bowl, the edges drop 1 for 1 to about 25 feet, then that's it. Wellington has 2 humps out in the middle, about the same 1 foot for 1 foot drop, but there are some deep holes on the north end. Some hit 45 feet, but the most productive for me has been the base of the riprap on the south and east shore.
  12. Anyone else notice that there arent any crayfish in there anymore. There used to be millions that would start coming out in the early evening. You would see them all over the rocks. They are strangely absent now. Just millions of stupid long ear sunfish left.
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    Gotta love those green sunfish. They're a hybrid of dink bluegill and I'll-eat-anything-that's-twice-my-size. :p