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Oak Orchard

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by Papascott, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Fished thursday the 21 through the 24, with my good friend Tom. Had a great time and caught some quality kings and alot of steelhead. Our best kings all came in the 120 to 240 fow range. We pulled a few on flasher flies on our wire dipseys, also had a few rips without a hook up. :( Our 3 biggest fish all came on mup rigs with lemon ice taking 2 and 42 second taking the biggest on the last day, a personal best for me at 29.8 and also a new boat record on my friend Toms boat. This fishing was a tough sport so to speak. There was not alot of action, averaging about 4 hookups a morning or afternoon.

    The offshore fishing for steelhead and smaller salmon was great out in the 600+ fow. The shing star in our program out there was my copper rig. We used it with a Warrior Black Ice spoon, Mag size. This spoon absolutly rock the sttel pulling a couple in the 10-12 lb range and a Coho that went around 15. Gotta give a thanks to Bob at Big Papa Sportfishing. He sent me some colors to try in the Warrior line and they were even better than he said they would be, cannot wait to try their walleye spoons.





  2. Where's the pic of the 15# Coho. That's a dandy!

  3. Well, my buddy Tom brought his new digital camera, kind of new to the digital age. Well long story short, " What you mean it needs a card". lol The rest were on my phone.
  4. For all you flyfisherman and waders the Oak offers up chances to catch lake run browns that run 5-15lbs and king salmon from 5-30+ lbs. Best time is in October and November. Wouldn't you like to catch a 30 pounder like this on a flyrod or spinning gear in 2 feet of water??

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