O.S.U. & Meat Chickens

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  1. Time for the fun to begin. Won't even use the S word this year![​IMG]
  2. That's great...literally, he isn't playing the Buckeyes again, but UM better be prepared for an ace whoopin.

  3. I liked that one but Rodriguez is going to find out what that feeling is all about! This is their Bowl game so they may put up a small fight.[​IMG]
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    My tribute.....:p GO BUCKS !!!!!!!!!!

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  5. I agree...a win Saturday would put somewhat of a bright light on what has otherwise been the season from hell for them.
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    I got the Bucks winning by 20.
  7. As one of the few Michigan fans willing to admit it this year, I've got a close game until halftime (Michigan has lead the majority of their games at the half). I'd say we go to the half tied at 14, and then the rout is on. Beanie left, Beanie right, etc. Final score OSU 38, Michigan 17
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    Well I love the Bucks but I don't think they are going to manhandle Mich. The Bucks are not as good as they are billed and I see a 10, maybe 13 point win. Certainly Tress wouldn't let our O score more than 30, that would be unclassy. I see him scoring 17-20 points and sitting on it unless Wells breaks one by accident and scores, then Tress will be upset.

    For Mich- Rich is a bust. I don't buy the "cupboard was bare" BS, come on this is Michigan. For the last 33 years they went to a bowl game and now all of a sudden they don't? Richie was a bad move and after 2 more years of being in the dumpster they will dump him.
  9. C'mon...I don't know why everyone keeps saying this. He can't run his type of offense with Lloyd Carr boys. Give him a couple of years to get his Pat White/Steve Slaton/Noel Divine type players and Meatchicken will be back to where they were before, maybe even better. Oh yeah, and when he gets those types of players at Michigan, they will be better than White/Slaton/and Divine.

    I hate Meatchicken, but I have a feeling in a year or two many of you guys will be eating your own words. Oh yeah, and us OSU fans better hope he doesn't get his offense up in running in a year or two because for some reason the Buckeyes haven't figured out yet how to stop offenses like this.
  10. I O 42 ----10 Ohio Sate
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    OSU 72 UM 2 Tressel feels bad and with .02 on the clock he tells the offense to snap the ball out of the endzone.
  12. OSU 31

    Michigan 21

    You heard it here first!
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    Ok, I'm gonna change a bit and say OSU 3 UM 0.
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    OSU would have beat us anyway but it would have been close if the Bucks did not get all the help in the world by the refs. 3 huge calls giving OSU 3 Td's and taking one from Michigan. After the pic on the first drive, #2 for OSU threw Mathews to the ground. NO flag??? We would have the ball around the 1. Thats a TD maybe. Then the first TD for osu should have been called back. HUGE HOLD, only reason Wells busted that run. Take that TD. Then the pic late in the game. That was pic for sure by Michigan. No questions asked. Take the TD Osu scored there. Then we fumbled on the following kick off. Osu scores. If we get the pic there is no kick off. We got beat by Officials and OSU. Not trying to take anything away b/c who knows what would have happened. OSU should have won but the game should be allot closer. As for the TD's following all that Michigan was already beat, no emotion or momentum of course OSU is going to score.
    Lets handicap this game to make it that much harder for Michigan. Like i said OSU would have won anyway, i knew this coming in. Just pisses me off when my team plays better than the score says and the officials robbed them of keeping it tight. I could have been proud with loosing by 10-21 points and thats what should have happened.

    A little criticism for Michigan. Our play calling is terrible.
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    If the refs threw a flag for every little scuffle in the game it would of lasted 5 hours! I think letting the players play in a rivaly like this makes it a better game. And there is a holding flag that could be thrown every single play, so pointing out one particular play doesn't make much sense. And saying Michigan played better than the final score makes me LOL!!! They looked like a bunch of 12 year old's playing against the defending Super Bowl champions!

    There's a lotta "if's" in your post, mabey the refs should toss the flag on those! Bottom line is Michigan was terrible this year and the better team dominated!

    Sam Kegg and jcusstunner24 good predictions!
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    What game were you watching. Ohio State beat Michigan in everyway there was to beat a team. Take your crying towel and watch some of the bowl games. Oh- remember Michigan won't be going anywhere but home to lick their wounds, they received from everyone that beat them including TOLEDO :D :D :S
    Stop blaming the refs and admit Michigan didn't have a team this year. It never ceases to amaze me how people blame everyone except the team that lost. They were losers, that's the bottom line!
  17. You have got to be kidding me...you guys got blown out because you guys are terrible. If the so-called "missed/bad" calls wouldn't have made a difference in the outcome of the game, then why say anything.

    Tressel 7-1 against the team up North...oh yeah and won 5 in a row

    In Tress We Trust...be prepared to see much of the same next year.
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    Can't wait to hear his response to your "Be prepared to see much of the same next year" statement. This should be good!! Let me guess??? "Just wait" or "We'll see" or "Rich Rod is a great recruiter blah..blah" or "Ohio State can't defend the spread offense" or Hmmmm Come on respond I'm on the edge of my keyboard, lol!!